National Clothesline
National Clothesline
January 2017
National Clothesline
EPA takes aim. Perc and TCE are on a list
of 10 chemicals for more regulatory
scrutiny by EPA.
Trump’s plans? What the new president will
do has many people guessing, including
Frank Kollman, who sees hope for reversing
the trend of treating employers harshly.
Plenty in store. Felcman’s began as a men’s
clothing store, but has evolved into
drycleaning and laundry as well as a place
to find unique ladies’ fashions, gifts,
gourmet food, jewelry, home decor and
plenty more.
Ultimate playlist. James Peuster
recommends a soundtrack for your sales
No secrets. When customers qualify for
loyalty awards, make sure they know it.
Your program will not serve your objectives
if your customers don’t participate, says
Trudy Adams.
Color codes. Those color buttons on Rope
Ties have uses limited only by your
imagination. Don Desrosiers suggests a
Take a test drive. Drycleaners should jump
at the opportunity of obtaining samples and
trying different stain removal products to
find out which works best, says Dan Eisen.

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A 30-year Pilgrim tradition continues
REMA bannerA_1-16.jpg
For more than 30 years, Pilgrim Cleaners in Minneapolis has been dedicated to giving back to the
community by helping people in need. Last year the programs continued and were the most
successful on record. It began in 1986 when Pilgrim founder Don Rosen started the first
community drive after a woman came into his store asking if he had extra coats that he could
give. He searched his old inventory and found a coat for the woman’s son. It was the first of
many thousands and the launching point for an annual Coats for Kids drive.
As the need in the community for warm clothing during the harsh Minnesota winter months
continues to grow, Pilgrim Cleaners continues to provide help for those in need each year. Each
year the goal is to collect and clean 10,000 coats for families in the local community. That goal
has been hard to reach in some years, but 2016 marked the most successful drive in recent
years with a total collection of 9,500 children and adult coats.