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July 2017
National Clothesline
At the Clean Show… 
Talk in the meeting rooms for DLI’s
educational programs
at the Clean Show
focussed on finding new customers and new
ways to serve them. Meanwhile, in the
exhibit hall,
Don Desrosiers found plenty
to look at in the shirt finishing department
James Peuster noticed several
things that could help route operators
(and one thing missing.) Also, the
International Drycleaners Congress held a
convention within the convention, drawing
delegates from seven countries.
Also this month… 
Still going strong.  The Culpepper family
of Texas traces its beginnings in the
industry to 1911 when Jess Culpepper’s
grandfather began his career in
Future proof. TCATA will emphasize how
to “future-proof your business” at
its annual conference in Colorado Springs
this month.
Take credit. The drycleaning industry has
made many advances but has not given
itself credit and, even worse according to
Deborah Rechnitz, has failed to
communicate these achievements to
Hopes and dreams. Frank Kollman hopes
the new administration in Washington
cleans up the wage and hour laws, adds
NLRB members who can reverse past
excesses, and gives arbitrators more
scrutiny from courts reviewing awards. It
doesn’t hurt to dream, he says.
Boiler trouble. When troubleshooting
boiler problems, Bruce Grossman adheres
to the “KISS” principle (Keep It Simple
Stupid) since most machinery problems
are not exotic and are easily discovered.
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Clean Show draws a full house
Once again, Las Vegas proved to be a big draw as people from all over the U.S. and 95 other
countries flocked to the entertainment mecca to see the world’s largest exhibition of textile care
products and working equipment.
It was the Clean Show’s sixth visit to Las Vegas in its 40-year history and has been the case
since the first visit in 1991, attendance and exhibitor participation was strong. The total tally of
attendees of 12,563 was the highest since the pre-recession show in Las Vegas in 2007. In fact,
those two shows were similar in the number of exhibiting companies — 484 in 2007 vs 472 this
year — and total square footage of exhibit space — 227,950 in 2007 vs 227,006.
While this year’s show had about 2,000 fewer attendees overall than the 2007 show, the
turnout was still the best since that year and was up about 10 percent from the 2015 show in
Atlanta and an even bigger increase from the 2013 show in New Orleans.
So with a sold-out exhibit hall, the Clean Show looks to have bounced back from the recession
years, showing steady growth in attendance and exhibitors. And it remains the best place to see
everything the industry needs under one roof, especially innovations that point a path to the