National Clothesline
April 2019
National Clothesline
Making Mulligans. Mike Harris doesn’t
like mistakes but he doesn’t hate them,
either. He is always looking for a
“mulligan” opportunity — a do-over that
can win a customer’s complete
Better decisions. DLI has lined up five
speakers to address topics at the
CleanShow to help drycleaners make
informed decisions based on new
perspectives, technologies and
In rhythm. There is a rhythm to running
a single buck shirt and most pressers
come close but don’t quite hit all the beats
for good productivity, says Don
Charting a course. NCA is offering over a
dozen courses on various drycleaning
topics in the coming months.
Power up. Troubleshooting electrical
issues with the voltage meter is the
subject for Bruce Grossman this month.
How heat helps. Knowing how heat
effects chemical action is a key to good
spotting, wetcleaning and drycleaning.
Dan Eisen explains.
Mind your words. Legal claims turn on
the words found in notes, emails,
letters, contracts, other documents, and
even cocktail napkins, so what you write
can make the difference between failure
and success in court, says Frank
MAC presents. The Midatlantic
Association of Cleaners will present
Trudy Adams and Mark Albrecht at its
Management Conference in Virginia
Beach in May.

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The ins and outs of wetcleaning
 REMA banner_Reliability-2 728x90_3-19Prod.jpg
Industry suppliers teamed up to put on a wetcleaning seminar in Tampa, FL, last month that drew
strong attendance by cleaners, including some from Minnesota, Ohio, Tennessee and Canada.
It was the second such seminar hosted by Unipress at its Tampa headquarters. Sponsors included
Laundry Pro of Florida, Poseidon Textile Care Systems, Seitz and Fabriclean Supply who provided
instructors and presenters.
Half of the day was a hands-on experience — sorting garments for wetcleaning, stain removal,
cleaning and finishing. Attendees had a wide variety of garments among the 300 pounds of cleaning
that was available to work on.
Guiding them were Liz Davies on finishing, Jeff Quail and Frank Briercheck on wetcleaning equipment
and Joon Han, Ken Chambless and Larry Wolff on chemistry, all representing the sponsoring
The large group was broken down into four smaller groups that rotated between wetcleaning, working
on two Unipress tensioning pants stations, a Unipress utility station and a Hurricane HS-2 double for
“Overall it was an excellent turnout and seminar,” said Tom Stites of Unipress, the hosting company.
The entire event was free for those attending and that included a continental breakfast and full lunch.