National Clothesline
National Clothesline
November 2014
National Clothesline
Join the crowd. Nearly 300 companies have
already signed up to exhibit at Clean ’15.
Now it’s attendees’ turn to get in on the act
as registration for the April 16-19 show in
Atlanta is officially open.
Steady at the helm. It’s not uncommon to
put in 12-hour days and a six-day
workweek is the norm, but Robert Matijevic
loves being a drycleaner and he’s proud to
continue at the helm of his family’s business
that has been open for over 75 years.
Supreme decisions. The Supreme Court
began its new term last month with eight
labor and employment cases to be decided.
Frank Kollman gives the rundown.
Luxury or necessity? Screw rails have a
stigma that labels them a luxury. Nobody
seems to talk about their true benefit, says
Don Desrosiers. Until now.
Managing your future. Are you looking at
the future of your business and what you
want to accomplish? Do you want growth or
are you satisfied sitting on your current
sales and business status? Harvey
Gershenson says answering these these and
other questions will help map your future.
Your best salesperson. Your customers
value the opinion of the people around
them, especially the ones who frequent the
same businesses they do. This is a valuable,
untapped resource for most drycleaners,
says Neil Schroeder.
A familiar face. NEFA has expanded its
program for Fall Fest 2014 to include Chris
Allsbrooks, the director of store operations
for Zips Franchising and a former garment
analyst for the DLI.
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The continuing quest for customers
The quest for customers is never-ending and cleaners on that quest received guidance from
several speakers at the Pennsylvania and Delaware Cleaners Association’s Drycleaning and
Laundry Expo last month in Atlantic City, NJ.
They also got the chance to examine the latest tools of the trade, see demonstrations on
finishing and stain removal and meet and mingle with about 1,100 of their peers, including
other cleaners, allied tradespeople and consultants driving the Oct. 17-19 run of the show.
Those sometimes elusive customers are out there and, in fact, they are growing in number.
It’s up to drycleaners to be ready for them.
That was the message of Don Desrosiers of Tailwind Systems whose talk on the Sunday
morning program declared, “The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades.” Each generation
has its own characteristics and impact on the economy, Desrosiers said. The Baby Boomers,
born 1945-1964, numbered 80 million compared to the 52.5 million in the previous ”Silent
Generation, which was the smallest in 100 years. As the Boomers entered their prime
working years, they drove the economy to, well, boom in the 1980s and 90s. Now, however,
they are entering their retirement years and contributing less to the economy. Their
replacement, Gen X (born 1965-1984) are fewer in number, not enough to replace the
“By 2007, there were not enough people,” Desrosiers said. The economy sagged. But help is
on the way in the form of Gen Y (1985-2000). They number 100 million — 20 million more
than the Boomers — and are just beginning to enter their prime producing years.  
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