National Clothesline
National Clothesline
February 2017
National Clothesline
So long, Sid. Entrepreneur, entertainer,
teacher, speaker and motivator are a few
of the words that describe Sid Tuchman
who passed away last month at the age of
Accidental drycleaner. A family drycleaning
business that lasts more than 60 years is
notable, especially when that business was
never intended to last even a day. The
whole thing began as an accident.
Even better. Make the customer experience
more memorable and stand out from the
competition. Trudy Adams has some ideas.
New equipment. With the Clean Show
coming, Don Desrosiers says it’s time to
consider equipment upgrades.
New logo. DLI ushered in the new year, its
110th, with a new logo, one designed to
provide a more visual representation of the
institute’s function.
New leadership. Paul Goodson is the new
executive director of the North Carolina
Association of Launderers and Cleaners.
New government. Frank Kollman highlights
things to expect from the new
administration in Washington.
Handiwork. When immersion in solvents or
water aren’t possible, handcleaning may
save the day if you have the skills. Dan
Eisen tells how.

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A brainstorm for the stars
In what has become a traditional midwinter industry getaway, the Brainstorming and Five Star
conference drew about 130 people to the brand-new Now Onyx Resort in the Dominican
Republic last month.
Since 2012, the National Cleaners Association and the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute have
jointly organized the gathering, inviting their members to come together in a warm-weather
resort for four days of camaraderie and education. The conference is a combination of two
events the trade associations once sponsored separately — Brainstorming for NCA and the Five
Star conference for DLI.
Each morning of the conference features a seminar session with a professional speaker. This
year the group heard first from Lorynn Divita, professor in apparel merchandising at Baylor
University who offered a fashion forecast, then from keynote speaker Ken Schmidt, former
director of communications for Harley-Davidson motorcycles who helped revive the company’s
sagging fortunes, and finally from Larry Oxenham who spoke on how to protect one’s wealth.