National Clothesline
June 2018
National Clothesline
Long-time coming. Ernest Winzer Cleaners
has been keeping actors and actresses
looking their best on stage for more than
100 years. Now the company will be
recognized with a Tony award.
Price list. Fifty dollars to dryclean a suit?
Sure, if you are a drycleaner in Oslo,
Norway, according to a survey conducted by
Zipjet, a UK-based laundry and drycleaning
Dream builder. After a decade working at a
cleaner’s in Sierra Vista, AZ, Flor Castillo was
ready to buy it and realize her dream of
owning her own business. The deal fell
through but the dream didn’t die.
Showtime in Birmingham. SEFA rolls out
its Southern Drycleaners and Launderers
Show June 8 for a three-day run at the
Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex.
Route numbers. After riding with more than
1,500 route drivers, James Peuster has
some industry numbers that may or may not
be of good use to you.
Making it cheaper? Cutting back on product
quality is one way to keep prices low. But it’s
the wrong way, says Don Desrosiers.
Keep it cool. With summer upon us, your
drycleaning machine’s cooling system will be
under greater stress. Bruce Grossman has
some tips to relieve that stress.
Losing by winning. Dealing with unfair and
unjust situations requires a cost-benefit
analysis, not a Custer’s-last-stand approach,
argues Frank Kollman.

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Intimate gathering for TCATA
Although attendance was lighter than usual, networking, knowledge sharing and social interaction
at TCATA’s annual management conference was abundant. In fact, several attendees said that the
reduced attendance made for increased opportunities to get to know other members in a more
intimate setting.
The Wyndham Rio Mar Resort in Puerto Rico was the scene for the May 2-5 conference and despite
Puerto Rico’s struggles to recover from last year’s devastating hurricane, the conference went off
without a hitch.
Keynote speaker Herb Meyer, a former high ranking official at the CIA, provided his perspective on
global economic and political developments, noting that there is much good news — though often
unreported — around the world. Meyer was vice chair of the CIA’s National Intelligence Council
under President Reagan. It was the second time around for Meyer with TCATA; he also spoke at the
2010 conference.
A key takeaway for all businesses is that there are growing numbers of people around the world
emerging from poverty, creating an expanding market for all kinds of products and services. He
cited the emergence and exponential growth of a global middle class which means that each year
the total customer base for all products and services grows by 50 million to 100 million new