National Clothesline
National Clothesline
April 2014
National Clothesline
New dues. An all-new dues structure begins
this month for DLI membership.
White hat guy. In traditional westerns, the
good guys always seem to wear the white
hats. A white hat is a powerful image,
which is why Yale Cleaners decided to start
using one as its brand logo near the start of
the 1980s.
Lemons to lemonade. Just to keep life
interesting, the garment industry has
thrown cleaners another curve ball, but
astute business people will seize this as an
opportunity to stand out among the
competition. Don Desrosiers suggests how.
Same old questions. Cleaners keep asking
the themselves the same questions. Break
that habit, Deborah Rechnitz urges, and
use a the time to expand, diversify and
build volume.
Irrational beliefs. Human irrationality is the
principal reason why labor and employment
law is so difficult, says Frank Kollman, and
it is important to recognize this irrationality
in dealing with employees.
Sorting it all out. The direct marketing
decision landscape has grown exponentially
with online and cross-promotional media
options. Neil Schroeder has five
recommendations of how to evaluate
opportunities and make decisions more
quickly and confidently.
Showtime in Ft. Worth. SDA’s Cleaners’
Showcase teks place the last weekend of
the month with more than 100 booths
showing the latest technology and services
along with a full slate of seminars.
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When the walls came
tumbling down
A little over a year ago, a disastrous incident almost put Marcia and
James Harrington out of business. Instead, the owners of A & A Dry
Cleaners in Manchester, NH, used the hardship as an impetus to
become more modern and successful.
In December of 2012, the couple watched helplessly as their 37-year-
old plant literally fell apart all around them. James Harrington was up
front at the time. It happened so fast that he didn’t have time to shout
out a warning. Meanwhile, Marcia Harrington was in the production
area when a deafening sound erupted.              
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