National Clothesline
National Clothesline
November 2017
National Clothesline
Perc review. EPA has begun a
regulatory review of perc, the
industry’s most used cleaning
solvent but it is a process likely to
take years.
The future of Clean. The next four
Clean Shows will visit New Orleans,
Atlanta, Orlando and, of course, Las
A fabricare fest. NEFA’s annual Fall
Fest will take place this month with
the theme “Capturing the Future of
Part-time or full? You may save
money by hiring part-time route
drivers but the long-term result
may not be profitable, says James
As bad as it looks. One of the
ugliest shirt pressing errors is one
that inspectors can easily miss. Fix
it, says Don Desrosiers.
Muscle tone. Compressed air is the
muscle of your machinery and
Bruce Grossman wants you to keep
it in good shape.
Common nonsense. Labor laws
often fly in the face of logic and
create pitfalls for employers, Frank
Kollman explains.
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