National Clothesline
National Clothesline
August 2014
National Clothesline
The meaning of “dryclean.” After 40
years of care labeling, it seems the
public doesn’t really understand what a
“dryclean” care label means.
Staying focused. Since starting his
drycleaning plant at age 21, Mike Nesbit
has followed a philosophy that has led to
a business with more than 40 locations
and several hundred employees.
Showtime in Long Beach. The California
Cleaner Association’s Fabricare
2014 trade show will take place this
month in Long Beach.
Water pump failure. The tell-tale signs of
water pump failure and what to do about
it are detailed by Bruce Grossman.
Measure it, manage it. Drycleaners are
usually good at monitoring production,
but James Peuster wants to know if they
measure other aspects of the business.
Conflicting views. Frank Kollman fears
that the Hobby Lobby case sets up
potential conflicts between employers
and employees with differing religious
The losing loss leader. Shirts constitue a
growing portion of garments brought to
the drycleaner, causing Don Desrosiers
to wonder how it makes sense to do half
or more of your pieces at a loss.
Dryside spotting. Many spotters do not
use dryside spotting agents properly and
do not fully understand their
characteristics. Dan Eisen fills in the
blanks in that knowledge.
Getting oriented. Harvey Gershenson
outlines a program for getting new
employees off on the right foot.
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