National Clothesline
October 2019
National Clothesline
Still growing. Even during the recession,
Curtis Cleaners of Grand Rapids enjoyed
growing sales as the 66-year-old company
focussed on expanding pickup and delivery
See it in Secaucus. Texcare 2019, the
National Cleaners Association’s biennial
drycleaning and laundry trade show, will
take place Oct. 19 and 20 at the
Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus, NJ.
Evaluating evaluations. The performance
evaluation is the least understood and the
most abused practice in labor and
employment law, says Frank Kollman. If
you attend a seminar on good employment
practices, you will be told how important
they are, how to complete them to avoid
legal problems, and how to get around
them if you screw them up. It’s not that
Changes and choices. As a huge baseball
fan and a student of the laws of probability,
James Peuster knows that taking chances
and making choices defines the pathway to
success and therein lies the difference
between good and bad luck.
Out with the old. After teaching spotting
and drycleaning for more than 50 years,
Dan Eisen has seen cleaning and spotting
techniques change and that some of the old
ways are now inefficient, time-consuming
and unsafe.

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A counter prank gone viral
For an employee at Milt & Edie’s of Burbank, it was a strange week for the ages. It all started
after a hard week of Alexis feeling homesick (she recently moved from the City of Lights to the
City of Angels). Then, things got weird fast.
Not only did she wait on a sporadic Melissa McCarthy (star of The Bridesmaids and The Heat),
she then appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, received $20,000 and was featured in a viral
video that approached one million hits in less than a week.
Viewers of Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime talk show are familiar with a prank she likes to pull on
celebrity guests, having them visit a public place and agree to repeat whatever she says to them
via a hidden speaker in their ear. She has played the hidden camera joke on the likes of Adele,
Emma Watson and Bruno Mars.
However, McCarthy’s version may have taken the cake. Dumping clothes on the front counter in
front of Alexis, the star acted disoriented as the young counter worker asked her how she was
DeGeneres told McCarthy to say she had accidentally taken two Tylenol PMs for her headache
and then compounded her sleepiness by mistakenly drinking “sleepytime” tea instead of green
tea in an effort to wake up.    
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