National Clothesline
National Clothesline
December 2016
National Clothesline
NY mulls more rules. The thick book of
regulations that drycleaners in New York
must follow could be getting thicker.
Change in strategy. After three decades in
the corporate world, Roy McLain decided
he’d give drycleaning a try.
Please, Santa. Santa Claus has come
through for Don Desrosiers in the past,
here’s this year’s wish list.
Get ready for Clean. Registration for Clean
’17 and hotel reservations in Las Vegas is
now open on the Clean Show’s website.
Blowing up blowdowns. Likely the most
contentious of all subjects related to
boilers, blowing down the boiler is Bruce
Grossman’s topic.
Setting course. An extra session of the
Introduction to Drycleaning course will be
included in the Drycleaning and Laundry
Institute’s resident course schedule for
Is it working for you? Evaluating sales
promotion efforts is important for  
learning what your return on investment is.
Trudy Adams tells how to do it.
Be explicit. Many lawsuits turn on one word
or document. Wishy-washy words and
faulty documents are an invitation to a
lawsuit, warns Frank Kollman.  

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He’s a true amigo to these orphans
REMA bannerA_1-16.jpg
It certainly has been a time-consuming commitment. In fact, Ray Rangwala, owner of Esteem
Cleaners in Pasadena, CA, estimates that he’s made special trips to Mexico “about 70 or 80 times”
in the past 20 years, but it’s all been worth it for something he calls “the best thing that has ever
happened to my life.”
He travels to a small village near Ensenada, Mexico, in Baja wine country between four and six
times a year to assist those who live at the Estado 29 orphanage. He helps provide money and
food to improve the quality of life for those whose suffered the early life experience of
abandonment. Rangwala is grateful for the support his efforts have received from several industry
members cleaners.
“Jackie Smith from Henderson Insurance Agency and Bobby Patel of Kona Cleaners have come to
the orphanage a few times and spent weekends with all their families,” he said. “They have helped
with buying essentials.”
For his November trip, Gordon Shaw of Hangers Cleaners in San Diego, David Suber of Perfect
Cleaners in Los Angeles and Bill Odorizzi of Sankosha helped with financial support. “There is a
constant need,” he explained. “Over the years — it used to be a crappy old place. Now, it’s really
Estado 29 currently has approximately 70 children residents, but at times that number has
exceeded 100. It was originally founded back in 1957.