National Clothesline
January 2020
National Clothesline
Bushelman’s legacy. Jeff Protheroe has
continued the work started by his
grandfather more than 100 years ago
in Hoquiam, WA.
A life in drycleaning. Robert Zengeler,
Sr., started working in the family
business as a schoolboy and stayed in
it right up to the end of his life. It’s no
exaggeration to say that it was his life’s
Resolutions for 2020. Frank Kollman
offers some resolutions that don’t
involve losing weight or exercising
more but could help your business.
Don’t blow a gasket. Maintaining or
replacing gaskets can stop leaks and
save a bundle. Bruce Grossman
explains how to do it.
Where’s the show? While there is no
Clean Show to look forward to this
year, there will be no shortage of
opportunities for cleaners to see
equipment and learn how to put it to its
best use during 2020.
Personal branding. Branding and
marketing expert Brian Rashid presents
his seminar, Personal Branding for
Business, for SEFA this month in
The pain of shirts. Shirts are a pain
because it takes a while to train a
presser, says Don Desrosiers. Pressing
shirts is more of a specialty than other
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Two Naples, FL, cleaners availed
themselves of the expertise of Dan
Eisen in recent seminars at their plants.
At Fashion Fresh Dry Cleaning &
Alterations, Eisen led a three-day
wetcleaning training program Nov. 30-
Dec. 2. Fashion Fresh Dry Cleaners is a
couture drycleaner and alterations
service that is family owned and has
been locally operated since its inception
in 1987 by Nicholas and Paula Shirghio.
The company specializes in delicate
fabrics and gowns and hard to clean
At Platinum Dry Cleaners in Naples, FL,
Eisen led a day-long session to help the
company stay current with quality
trends in drycleaning and wetcleaning
on December 3. Platinum operates a
12,000-sq.-ft. processing facility with 40
employees that serve three retail
locations with five delivery vehicles.    
An international program that recognizes top companies in textile care will come to the U.S. during the
upcoming Cleaners Showcase trade show sponsored by the Southwest Drycleaners Association.
The Global Best Practices Awards is a program organized by CINET, a global umbrella organization with
more than 100 members consisting of national associations, suppliers, research institutes and individual
companies. CINET aims to build a global network of experts, stimulate the implementation of innovation by
exchanging information and profile the capabilities of the industry.
CINET, in conjunction with Methods for Management and SDA, will present the Best Practices awards
program on the opening day of the show, Thursday, April 16 at the Fort Worth Convention Center  in Fort
Worth, TX.
CINET said the USA Best Practices Awards will be the American pre-selection event for the Global Best
Practices Award 2020 Program which will take place during Texcare International in Frankfurt, Germany, in
June. Overall winners in the U.S. will be invited to the Best Practices final in Frankfurt.
The deadline for submitting an entry in the program is March 1.     More…
 REMA banner_Reliability 1,4,7,10.jpg
SDA to host USA Best Practices
awards program in April
Time for training in Naples