National Clothesline
National Clothesline
April 2017
National Clothesline
Extra costs. Banning TCE for stain
removal in drycleaning could result in
additional costs for labor and utilities
for cleaners, EPA was told by NCA and
Turning 40. A year that saw the first test
flight of the space shuttle Endeavor, first
releases of the movies Star Wars and
Saturday Night Fever, the first sales of the
Apple II personal computers also saw the
first all-industry Clean Show.
New technology, new issues. The deluge
of social media information has profoundly
affected the workplace. How can your
company deal with it?
Forging ahead. Naysayers will criticize and
complain, but pioneers take new business
models, look at the successes and failures
and evolve these designs into very
sophisticated enterprises. The earlier
adopters stand to gain the most.
Shirt shortcoming. An ugly shirt pressing
error that you can do on a shirt occurs on
an area most often overlooked by the
inspector. Don Desrosiers tells how to
stop it.

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