National Clothesline
October 2018
National Clothesline
Marketing mindset. The drycleaning
industry needs a change of mindset to
match changing times with a refocus on
marketing. That was the message of Kyle
Nesbit, speaking at Fabricare 2018.
Cleaning house. Maggie Fox faced a tough
choice. On paper, she didn’t look like a
good match to be an entrepreneur, let
alone a drycleaning business owner. But
she decided to keep the business and
breathe new life into it.
Strategic pricing. Unusual movement in
your cost structure must be offset by
pricing, volume increases and productivity
improvements. Deborah Rechnitz tells why.
Dirty shirts. Does your wish list include
getting shirts perfectly clean with no pre-
scrubbing, no ring-around-the-collar and no
stains the first time, every time? Don
Desrosiers tells how.
OK in NY. The New York has added Sensene
to the list of seven approved alternative
drycleaning solvents for drycleaners, which
is part of the state’s revised rules for
Investment advice. NEFA is calling cleaners
to “Invest in Your Success” during its Fall
Fest 2018 conference this month in
Plymouth, MA.
Boiler beaters. Impurities in water are
deadly for boilers. Bruce Grossman
discusses these impurities, allowable limits
for proper boiler operations, how to control
them and the type of damage they cause.

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Mastering the craft
Opportunities to master the skills of professional garment care abound and seem to be
Traditionally, novice drycleaners have attended courses sponsored by trade associations. The
grandaddy of them all is the school maintained by the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute in
Laurel, MD, which dates back to 1927. This summer DLI graduated its 373rd class from the
school with students coming from all around the United States and several foreign countries.
The National Cleaners Association also offers classes at its New York headquarters and both DLI
and NCA along with state and local associations provide localized, in-field instruction. Now a
new program by the South Eastern Fabricare Association will bring instructors right to the plant
— no need to take time off and travel. SEFA’s latest program offers scholarships for in-plant
education, a program is designed to assist members in bringing educators into their plant for
personalized training.
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