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National Clothesline November 2009 Table of Contents
Around the U.S.
NEFA Fall Fest coming to Sturbridge this month
Anton’s begins 18th coat drive
GreenEarth hosts Kansas City conference
Job-seekers getting a boost from Alabama drycleaner
Blake lead to social media workshops in Tennessee
FabriClean offers seminars in Houston, Baton Rouge
DLI On the Road drycleaning class to visit Oakland
• Making a better tomorrow starts today
• Double trouble on care symbols?
The Nichols Family: Crafting a legacy
Don Desrosiers: Paying the price for procrastination
Dan Eisen: Explaining storage issues to customers
Harvey Gershenson: Business reporting and planning
Frank Kollman: NLRB is rewriting your handbook
James Peuster: EDDM: What cleaners are saying
Neil Schroeder: Adding purpose to your marketing
100 is the new 90
Sanitone licensees meet in in Cincinnati
Automatic bagger
Iron with mini-boiler
Pre-charged glycol-based solvent
Holiday lint rollers
FAQ on Ugg boot cleaning
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