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National Clothesline
Automatic bagger
TAMPA, FL — Unipress has introduced Bag-R, an automatic bagger that can do up to 280 bundles an hour.
Bag-R features quiet, smooth operation with maintenance-free loading arms. A microprocessor with self-diagnostics provides reliability. Poly is easy to change and the control panel is easy to reach. An optional loader and unloader are available.
The machine stands 90  3⁄4 inches tall with the unloader. Length is 55  1⁄2 inches and the width is 63  1⁄4 inches.
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Iron with mini-boiler
SECAUCUS, NJ — Hi-Steam has introduced its MVP-35Auto, a mini-boiler with iron for all-day, non-stop pressing.
This is a floor-type model in a stainless steel cabinet, with an automatic pump water feed that allows all day pressing. There is no need to depressurize the boiler and resupply water; just add more water in the 2.7-gallon portable water tank and keep pressing.
The MVP-35Auto machine plugs into a standard 110V, 15 AMP outlet, uses ordinary tap water, requires little maintenance and supplies 40 pounds of steam pressure. It is ideal for busy pressing stations needing a continuous steam supply, such as busy drycleaners, drop-off stores, tailors, alteration rooms, laundromats, sample rooms, bridal salons, tuxedo rentals, clothing stores, etc. 
An optional steam spotting gun is available for use with MVP-35Auto for easy steam supply.
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Pre-charged glycol-based solvent
WAYNE NJ — Caled Chemical has announced a product upgrade to its GenX Solvent. GenX with Ultra Touch includes a pre-charge of detergent with anti-static additives which the company said should let users reduce and in many cases eliminate the use of detergent, pre-spotting labor and spotting chemical cost while providing excellent garment feel and easy pressing and finishing.
GenX with Ultra Touch is a specially formulated glycol-based solvent with pre-charged detergent, anti-static and redeposition properties. It provides a high Kb value and wet side stain removal along with improved anti-static and redeposition properties, the company said.
Caled Chemical pre-charges GenX with Ultra Touch during the manufacturing process to produce a one-shot solvent to create an improvement in cleaning technology.
All hydrocarbon machines can use GenX with Ultra Touch; no equipment upgrade is needed. A specially formulated GenX Concentrate is used to upgrade existing hydrocarbon solvent without disposal. After the GenX Concentrate is used to upgrade existing hydrocarbon, regular GenX with Ultra Touch is used to maintain the level of cleaning performance. The goal is to raise the hydrocarbon machine’s Kb value to the GenX’s 73Kb while lowering the cost of detergent and spotting chemicals.
GenX consumer marketing is free to all users with no contract or commitment. All GenX customers are entitled to a free consumer window poster and internet ad subscription.
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Holiday lint rollers
CONKLIN, NY — Cleaner’s Supply has unveiled its new holiday lint roller design and will support the Toys for Tots program with a donation from the proceeds of the sales of the Happy Holiday with the Toys for Tots logo.
Orders of six boxes or more will include a poster to support the cleaner’s marketing efforts. Also 12 free matching gift bags will be included with every box.
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FAQ on Ugg boot cleaning
SHAWNEE, OK — Royaltone has added a free eight-page report to go along with its 18 Ugg boot cleaning videos. The videos and written material provide guidance for using the company’s Ugg boot cleaning kit.
The eight-page report contains 31 tips that answer the most frequently asked questions about Ugg boot cleaning including is it safe to clean them in washing machine, how can the service be marketed, how to dry them without damaging the skin, what are the best ways to remove soils and stains and avoid color loss.
Royaltone reports that the Ugg boot cleaning videos have had more than 7,000 views since the were placed on the web last year.
The videos can be seen at Copies of the written material are available by contacting the company.
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