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National Clothesline
Job-seekers getting a boost from Alabama drycleaner
Being unemployed is stressful enough, but in Alabama, one drycleaner is trying to make sure that all local residents in need have a nice outfit to where for job interviews.
The program began a few years ago when Master Cleaners’ owner Mark Jones wanted to find a way to help the jobless.
“There’s an old saying: The weight of a petal of a rose often determines which way the decision goes,” Jones explained. “It could just be that extra little something. By looking professional… that could make the difference.”
Looking better does not always seal the deal, of course, but Jones has certaily received a handful of letters from those who did end up being hired.
The job seekers are not the only ones who appreciate the program; customers of the Mobile-based plant have chimed in their support since the beginning.
“I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback,” Jones recalled. “Some of our customers just want to donate money toward the cause because they thought it was so nice. Right when we first started, this one lady saw the sign in the window and liked it so much she offered $20 to help.”
The program was successful from the start, but that did not stop Jones from expanding its scope later down the road.
“Phase two, which came probably about a year after that, was to help the people who are needy and don’t even have clothes worthy enough of getting cleaned,” he said. “So, we started taking in donations for clothes. We clean and press them and utilize a charity—in this case, the Catholic Social Services. So, people who come in that are in need of clothes... we send them over there and they can do some shopping. It’s free for them.”
While Jones orignally just wanted to offer help to others, the program has also helped his status in the community. Earlier this year, he was one of five locals to be inducted into the current class of the Prichard Sports and Leadership Hall of Fame.
Though the program was originally envisioned as temporary, Jones said that it will continue as long as the local community has a need for it.
“I have no end date in sight,” he said. “This just seems like a big need in our area.”
Blake lead to social media workshops in Tennessee
Peter Blake will bring his industry expertise to Tennessee next month, heading up two evening workshops that will focus on social media and marketing.
The programs, offered by the South Eastern Fabricare Association, are slated to take place from 7 to 9 p.m. on Dec. 5 and 6.
The December 5 seminar will be held at 800 Crescent Centre Dr. Ste. 400 in Franklin; the Dec. 6 seminar will be at a location to be determined in Knoxville.
Those who attend will learn three steps to developing a marketing plan, how to use social media effectively, 10 things that can immediately increase sales, effective ways to communicate with customers, how to use the tools that are available, how to get a free website and the tips and techniques for using Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, texting and Web navigation.
The cost for each workshop is $29 for SEFA/DLI members and $59 for non-members.
To register or find out more information visit Those who need a hotel should call (877) 707-7332.