National Clothesline
National Clothesline November 2009 Table of Contents
Around the U.S.
NCA sets 2013 education plans
First of DLI drycleaning classes for ’13 start next month
SDA board Hempstead as executive director
Seven complete DLI on the road course in California
California cleaners organize relief effort for Sandy victims
Jim Patrie: former president of DLI
Bill Steiner: Founder of Steiner-Atlantic
• Not an ending world, just a different one
• Keeping everybody in the loop
Marcello Rodio: Racing Forward
Don Desrosiers: Think about what you’re selling
Dan Eisen: Understanding and using alkali
Harvey Gershenson: Things to think about for 2013
Frank Kollman: More government in store in 2013
Neil Schroeder: The new day of word-of-mouth
Deborah Rechnitz: Building customer communications
Delis and drycleaning for Couture Cleaners Group
Mass. cleaner hosts wetcleaning demos
Professional women’s group honors Pennsylvania cleaner
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