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SDA board Hempstead as executive director
Chuck Hempstead recently began his duties as the new executive director for the Southwest Drycleaners Association, replacing Andrew Stanley who had held the position for 18 years.
According to SDA President Richard Thum, the association’s board of directors felt it was time for a change.
“I like Andy,” explained Thum, owner of Five Star Cleaners in San Antonio. “We really appreciate his long service for our association and all of the effort that he’s given, but I think the board just wanted to go in a different direction.”
Hempstead, who officially began as executive director on Dec. 1, brings the resources of his company Hempstead and Associates along with him.
The business, which was originally launched back in November of 2000, currently features clients that range from 400 to 8,000 members, including the Science Teachers Association of Texas, the Texas Association of College Teachers and the Texas Educational Diagnostician’s Association.
Hempstead has been involved with association management for his entire professional career.
He once served as chief staff officer to an eight-county regional association and a statewide association. He also logged time previously as a staff specialist with positions in communications and government relations.
He holds a Certified Association Executive designation from the American Society of Association Executives and has degrees in speech communication and public affairs.
Most notably, he received the Texas Society of Association Executives’ 2012 Distinguished Executive Award, which caught the attention of the SDA board.
“Hempstead and Associates have run non-profit associations and have been very successful,” Thum noted. “Chuck has been doing it well over 20 years. He’s been very successful in growing membership and adding value to the members of the association and to be able to increase participation in their members through social media.”
Hempstead was excited at the prospect of meeting SDA members at the upcoming FabriClean Spring Showcase event planned in Dallas from March 15 to 17. He also expressed gratitude for the strong foundation provided by his long-time predecessor.
“Andy Stanley has provided tremendous service to the drycleaners of this region for many years and we appreciate his efforts in this smooth transition prior to his retirement,” he said.
Now, Hempstead hopes to keep the association moving forward, building on past success.
“We are trying to expand and improve on the menu of membership benefits,” he said.
“That’s one thing that we need to be able to do… increase the benefits of members so that they can be able to see what their membership is worth,” added Thum. “The bottom line is that, basically, the membership—the people—should want to be a part of it, i.e. where can I sign up to be able to increase the profits of my business?”
While big changes loom in the future, there will be some smaller changes to SDA’s web site and contact information as Hempstead and Associates take over.
“It is my understanding we are just getting the web site changed over. We’re just getting some of this stuff up and running,” Hempstead said.
The web site will continue to be located at Cleaners can send email correspondence to:
The new office phone number is (512) 873-8195.
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