National Clothesline
National Clothesline
First round of classes at DLI begins this month
 In just three weeks, the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute can turn a newcomer to the drycleaning industry into a knowledgeable cleaner.
 Each year, the association offers its one-week introductory drycleaning class in sucession with its two-week advanced course for those seeking to obtain a complete and well-rounded education.
 Of course, students can take each course individually, as well.
 The Introduction to Drycleaning class, suited for those new to the industry, covers a lot of ground: sorting loads for drycleaning; operating a drycleaning machine; pressing pants, coats and skirts; using tensioning equipment to improve finishing quality; cleaning silk, satin and other fabrics; and removing coffee, ink, grease and other stains.
 The week-long course costs $795 for DLI members and $1,149 for non-members. If two or more members of the same plant attend, the cost goes down to $695 each. DLI Premier Members may attend or send one student for free.
 Starting dates for the course are Feb. 25, July 15 and Oct. 14.
 Those who complete the introductory class and want a more comprehensive education should consider the advanced course.
 Topics to be tackled in the class will range from identifying cotton, silk, polyester and other fabrics to using bleaches without damaging fabrics.
 The session will also focus on troubleshooting problems with drycleaning machinery, maintaining and changing filters, wetcleaning wool and silk, and pressing blouses, dresses, ties, pleated garments, silks, velvets and corduroy.
 The cost for the advanced course is $1,249 for DLI members and $1,749 for non-members. Two or more from the same member plant pay only $1,049 each.
 Starting dates for the course are March 4, July 22 and Oct. 21.
 Students who want to take both the basic and advanced classes concurrently will receive further discounts. Tuition for the 15-day General Drycleaning Course is $1,595 for DLI members (or $1,295 each for two or more from the same plant) and $2,495 for non-members.
 Also on this year’s schedule from DLI is a two-day wetcleaning class set for June 3 and 4.
 The class breaks down various aspects of the wetcleaning process, including: sorting loads for wetcleaning; operating wetcleaning machines and dryers; understanding how water affects various fibers; wetcleaning wool, silk and satin; stain removal techniques for wetcleaning; and wetcleaning beaded, sequined and other specialty items.
 The cost for the class is $349 for DLI members or $249 for two or more students from the same member company. Non-members must pay $449; DLI Premier Club members are eligible for a free tutition.
 Rounding out the year’s schedule is a one-week course on cleaning and stain removal. It will begin on Sept. 9.
 A lot of ground will be covered in a short time: sorting loads; cleaning silk, satin and other fabrics; operating a drycleaning machine; removing coffee, ink, grease and other stains; identifying cotton, silk, polyester and other fabrics; using bleaches without damaging color; maintaining and changing filters; troubleshooting problems with equipment; and understanding different types of solvents.
 The cost is $795 for members ($659 for two or more from the same member plant) and $1,149 for non-members. DLI Premier Club members enjoy one free tuition.