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New products for the spotting board
NAPERVILLE, IL — R. R. Street & Co. Inc has two new products for the spotting board —  Pyratex LV and WetDry combination spotter.
Both products are formulated to be virtually odor-free, contain no halogenated ingredients, and provide efficient and effective stain removal.
Pyratex LV is designed for effective dryside stain removal. Formulated to take on heavy-duty stains, it can handle paint, oil, and grease stains (POGs), and even lipstick and cosmetics
A low volatile organic compound (VOC) Pyratex LV has special soil suspension properties that help remove heavy dryside stains and prevent stains like cosmetics, shoe polish, and others that contain dye from spreading. Lab tests and field testing show that it offers superior performance on greasy, oily stains, nail and shoe polishes and permanent marker.
For perc, hydrocarbon, wetcleaning and laundry systems, Pyratex LV can be left on garments and put directly in the machine without flushing, saving time and labor, the company said. For other solvents, it flushes readily with steam, water, Street’s Picrin or other flushing agents.
WetDry combines dryside and wetside stain removal agents in one pre-mixed, low-odor product. It removes a wide array of combination stains, such as food, makeup or embedded soil on cuffs and hemlines, and flushes easily with water or steam.
The nature of a stain is not always readily apparent, making it difficult to decide which spotter to use. WetDry is ideal for “mystery” stains, eliminating wasted time and money resulting from “trial and error” spotting.
The virtually odorless, low VOC formula stain remover is safe to use with any solvent with proper flushing and leveling, the company said. It flushes easily with water or steam and is safe to most fabrics and colors and can be used for pre-, post-, and touch up spot removal.
Both products are the result of Street’s ongoing research and development with new cleaning technologies.
These and other Street’s products can be ordered through authorized Street’s distributors.
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Numbered poly bags for accurate count
LYNDHURST, NJ — Sigma Garment Films, the largest North American manufacturer of all types of garment bags for the laundry and drycleaning industry, has five garment plants throughout the United States that produce garment film and other flexible packaging products.
The company’s Accu-Count poly bags are super clear poly bags that are consecutively numbered on the roll to give a 100 percent guarantee of the correct number of bags on each roll. The Accu-Count roll guarantees you the exact bag count.
The company maintains that the most important thing on a roll of poly is bag count and that buyers should not be misled by inaccurate labels. Every drycleaner and laundry concerned with packaging costs wants to know the true cost per bag, not the cost per roll.
These bags are available in all lengths, gauges and roll weights. Each bag on every roll of Accu-Count has a small number in the gusset warning of the bag that tells which bag is coming off the roll. The highest bag numbers are the first to roll off and the sequence goes all the way to bag #1 at the core of the roll.
For example, on a roll of poly that has 500 bags on the roll, the first bag off is #500, followed by #499, then #498 and so on.
The company is proud that all of its products are made in the United States. The Accu-Count bags are available from three Sigma Garment Films manufacturing facilities — Epsilon South Carolina, Epsilon California and Southeastern Plastics in New Jersey.
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