National Clothesline
National Clothesline
Lunch at the “spa”
Staff at Puritan Cleaners in Richmond, VA, celebrated the installation of a new boiler with a lunch in the boiler room itself, aka “Parham Spa.” Enjoying the occasion are, from left, Darren Dole, Barbara Dickson, Chauncey Walker, Michelle Price and Lewis Simcox. Dickson helped with the installation and upgrade of the boiler room while Price fashioned a cake inspired by the new Parker 50 HP steam boiler. “While we did not eat off the floor, we could have,” remarked Gary Glover, president of Puritan Cleaners
MAC elects president, new officers at annual meeting
Ben Johnson of Americlean was elected president of the MidAtlantic Association of Cleaners at the association’s annual meeting in January in Gaithersburg, MD.
Dianne Chatelain, the previous president, became board chairperson. Other officers elected included Russell Kaplan of ZIPS, treasurer, and Jamie Albano of Albano Cleaners, vice president.
Before the board meeting a Best of MAC gathering was held at Kaplan’s new ZIPS store in Germantown, MD, where his K4 cleaning system was demonstrated by Kreussler representative Tom Mcallister and Jerry and Pat aMoore of Moore Services.
Following the meetings, a MAC Old-Timers dinner was held at the Flaming Pit restaurant with attendees coming from the four MAC regions of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia along with other attendees who came from Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
Other representatives on the board include Michael McKay, Dryclean and Shirt Salon, Maryland; Patrick Dunlap, Classicleaners, District of Columbia; Buddy Gritz, Presto Valet, and Tammy Johnson, Americlean, both of Virginia; and Charley Young, Peter Pan Cleaners, and Telly Svingos, Victor’s Cleaners & Launderers, both of West Virginia.
Allied trade representatives on the board will be McAllister of Kreussler, Jack Belluscio of Caled Chemical, and James Just of R.R. Street & Co. Inc.
Committee members will include Tom Williams of Suffolk Quality Cleaners, Sally Veach of Fresh Dry Cleaners & Laundry, James Crowder of Edmondson's Cleaners, and Dan Criswell of Prince George Cleaners.