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PDCA to receive national award
The Pennsylvania and Delaware Cleaners Association has been selected as the winner of the 2013 Trade Association Environmental Leadership Award.
This award is given by the Small Business Ombudsman/Small Business Environmental Assistance Programs to recognize exemplary performance and leadership by a trade association to enhance members’ compliance with applicable environmental regulations and to encourage stewardship of the environment.
The award will be presented at the SBO/SBEAP conference in Chicago this month with PDCA Executive Director Carol Memberg to represent the association in receiving the award. 
PDCA has worked with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to develop a drycleaners compliance calendar, including a set of instructions and insert in Korean. PDCA also works regularly with the SBEAP’s in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey on educational programs and providing regulatory compliance.
Dale Kaplan, PDCA’s vice president for government relations, is the chair of the Small Business Pennsylvania Compliance Advisory Committee and the National Compliance Advisory Panel.
Kaplan keeps current with drycleaner regulations and sees that cleaners receive the information they need to be in compliance, such as their annual compliance calendar and updates to the regulations.
Both Kaplan and Memberg have worked closely with local and state government officials to help drycleaners understand and conform to current regulations.
PDCA rallied all drycleaners when, in 2009, a local initiative in Philadelphia started to gain momentum that could have lead to a ban of perc.
Working in concert with local Korean cleaners, the industry convinced officials to adopt a less extreme regulation, then, in 2011, the association worked with the city to provide free compliance assistance workshops to help cleaners understand the new emission regulations in the city aimed at reducing the use of perchloroethylene.
Although most of the workshop attendees were not PDCA members, the association wanted to make sure the information was widely distributed among all cleaners subject to the new rules.  PDCA also worked to help cleaners in Philadelphia understand alternative drycleaning solvents and equipment, city codes related to installing this equipment, and potential funding partners and programs.
PDCA has also assisted drycleaners in receiving Small Business Advantage grants from the state that help cleaners go beyond regulatory compliance by offering up to $9,500 in matching money to implement energy efficiency and pollution prevention projects.
PDCA also provides free exhibit space at its biennial trade show in Atlantic City, NJ, to New Jersey and Pennsylvania officials to give cleaners a chance to learn about environmental regulations and compliance assistance.