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So what are you going to do now?
As many of you know, I have developed a program in which drycleaners of any size can participate that assists in areas of marketing, customer service, management and growth.
James Peuster
I could continue with this infomercial, but I won’t. In my 12 years of doing The Route Pro, I have always seen hurdles, voids and other obstacles that prevent drycleaners from growing.
Providing additional services and products can either build your business or distract from what you do best. I see it all the time and it does work both ways.
So what is the purpose of this article? Bear with me as I strive to guide you down the right path of building or rebuilding your business.
Twelve years of route coaching has taught me one thing — do routes right or not at all.
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Too many cleaners go at it by buying a van, or shifting your shuttle vehicle into the route game. Then they get some cheap flyers, grab a semi-retired uncle and proclaim to your market that you have routes. Some provide weekly service while others just wait for the phone to ring.
Building your business takes work, time, patience and money. Many base their hope on one of those four. Unfortunately, we have had to inform many that it’s too late to get in the game. You are better off buying stores and hoping for an economic overhaul.
I have seen many try to get into the restoration game with the same premise. This industry is definitely not for everyone; however, more and more attempt to compete with the big boys and fail.
Again, routes and restoration parallel the dynamics of the business model. Sales, accounts receivables, structure and marketing costs add up before many collect. Those that are all-in make it work; those that try to do it halfway have added another pet project only destined to waste time and money.
Our industry has become more than just a quality product, friendly smiles and efficiency. Technology has not only added to the ways we process, clean and package the finished product, it has also changed the dichotomy of how customers and prospects want to be communicated with.
Many cleaners have stayed antiquated in all aspects of their business. Now is the time to decide how you are going to thrive and survive in the 21st century. Things like how you hire and train your staff are changing right in front of you. Many cleaners haven’t adjusted well.
I guess the bottom line is this — many cleaners are in a position in which there is no exit strategy, there is no profit, there is no game plan and, for some, there is no hope. They did nothing wrong for the past decade or so, except for not adjusting to the rapid changes seen in the 21st century.
Now is the time to make the decision to take a look at your own business model, to game-plan and to decide where you want to be in the upcoming years. The longer you wait, the bigger the chance you may fall victim to paralysis, fear and procrastination, and that won’t help your bottom line.

James Peuster offers onsite training and all aspects of routes. Management, marketing and maintenance are all key components in developing a million-dollar route.  You can listen to his radio programs on
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