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ABC affiliates look for ways to make the best even better
Even with the word “best” in the title, America’s Best Cleaners continued trying to help its affiliates become better through networking opportunities and educational sessions during a recent three-day event held in mid-March in Scottdale, AZ.
Several presentations were offered, all designed with the goal of helping affiliates improve their professional knowledge.
“These are the best drycleaners from their respective markets and these meetings provide an opportunity to come together to share what they’ve learned in their own businesses and to explore business best practices as a group,” said Ed D’Elicio, who founded ABC back in 2000.
A program by Nicholas Regine, a technical design and application specialist from Swarovski Crystals, examined some of the latest trends in fashion embellishments and application techniques.
Regine also noted how his company, which specializes in fashionable accessories, supports ABC affiliates located all across the country.
Another program featured Tim Johnson, president of CLG Insurance. It concentrated on the Affordable Health Care Act and what business owners will need to know in the future about how to prepare for it and how it will affect their business.
Johnson was joined in the session by Kevin Davis and Harry Carranza from Select Risk, ABC’s preferred insurance provider for drycleaners.
Mark Jones from SPOT POS Business Systems was also on hand to review some of the new software and system developments that can be found in his company’s business operations management software.
During a special “power users” session, he offered tips for cleaners who rely heavily on SPOT’s software to manage their operations and market to customers.
He was also joined by Katherine McGraw Patterson of Smart Fish Marketing, ABC’s in-house marketing director.
Their joint presentation focussed on a newly integrated ABC/Smart Fish Marketing program that utilizes the marketing ideas and technology of both groups.
In a separate session, Patterson also introduced some real world marketing case studies and noted how marketing can help solve business operations problems and increase sales.
In addition to the guest speakers, ABC had its own team of professionals that lead discussions on various subjects.
ABC Executive Director Chris White offered an overview of smart hiring practices and improving employee retention, as well as how to utilize various social media channels in order to reach the best potential candidates for a position.
Additionally, Ed D’Elicio shared some of his knowledge as an industry consultant. He explored the topic of attracting high net worth delivery route clients.
While educational seminars comprised the foundation of the event, ABC affiliates also had ample time to network and share ideas.
The group attended a special dinner hosted by Frank Dubasik of Metalprogetti and also took part in a guided tour of a new Z Cleaners 5,500 sq. ft production facility located at 14939 N. Northsight Blvd.
The business is owned by affiliates Steve and Geralyn Phillips who have been a part of the Scottsdale business community for 16 years.

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