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National Clothesline November 2009 Table of Contents
A Clean Show comes to town
Around the U.S.
Lapels continues collecting for Big Brothers/Big Sisters
NCA summer classes focus on spotting, certification
MAC/MfM group holds initial meeting
MILD ready for celebration of 100th
Bizzie founder to address SDA luncheon
TCATA explores new paths for growth in San Diego
Tom Ustanik: The Halo Effect
• The starting line of the race to the future
• Ready to serve that last customer?
James Peuster: Why you must develop your staff
Don Desrosiers: Premium shirts, premium trouble
Dan Eisen: Some chemicals need time to work effectively
Harvey Gershenson:Making meetings work for all
Frank Kollman: A few words about a few issues
Pants topper adds creases with minimal labor
Complete line of finishing and pressing equipment
Detergent and bacteria inhibitor
Fabric finisher
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