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Who’s showing what at Clean ’13
Clean ’13 will feature approximately 400 companies exhibiting in the Morial Convention Center in NEw Orleans with nearly everything that is needed to operate a drycleaning business. To help readers prepare for their visit to the show, we asked our regular advertisers to provide information about their plans. Booth numbers are based on the information available in mid-May and are subject to change. Consult the official Clean ’13 directory distributed at the show for the final listings.
Of course, the staff of National Clothesline will be at the Clean Show, also, and we look forward to seeing exhibitors and attendees. Please stop by to “meet and greet” at our booth, number 4624.
Note: Clicking on the company name in the listings will take you to the company’s web site.
James Peuster of The Route Pro will promote his group of cleaners geared towards growth, profitability and management development. More information at 21DC.biz.
Booth 5126

Albatross will demonstrate AlbaChem PSR powdered drycleaning fluid, a non-toxic powered aerosol spotter that can be used before and after drycleaning. PSR instantly lifts stains from all textiles without leaving a ring and can remove rings resulting from other spotting agents. It eliminates having to reprocess garments at the end of the day due to shadows left behind. PSR does not contain any chlorinated solvents and is safe to use on acetates. AlbaChem has a complete line of spotters including: Alba-RUST, Alba-TAN, Alba-PRO, Alba-POG, Alba-INK and NPE Volatile Dry Spotter. NPE II has the solvency of traditional volatile dry spotters, but does not contain any trichloroethylene, perchloroethylene or methylene chloride. NPE II has a high TLV (200 ppm), does not contain any California Prop 65 chemicals, is not a flammable product nor a hazardous air pollutant. The SuperKleen Venta T.A.G. cold spotting board is ideal for drop stores and retail stores and Hydrosolv Jr. for larger spotting facilities. Brand new will be the Alba-STEAM optional steam generator to use in conjunction with the company’s spotting boards. The Venta-TAG cold spotting board packaged with the Alba-STEAM provides a complete, compact spotting system at an affordable price.
Booth 4936
A. L. Wilson is reintroducing RiteGo Laundry Spray Spotter, now with micro-emulsion technology. RiteGo is the right stuff for collars and cuffs — just spray it on and wash it out, no brushing, flushing or waiting required. RiteGo’s micro-emulsion technology quickly penetrates fabric, absorbing perspiration and collar and cuff stains and releasing ground-in soil right in the wheel. Cleaner collars and cuffs keep customers coming back. A.L. Wilson will also introduce its re-designed Stain Wizard online guide to expert stain removal. The Stain Wizard has been expanded and is now more valuable than ever. This interactive guide now includes: recommendations for removing more stains; more detailed spotting tips; information on Wilson’s newest environmentally friendly stain removers; and recommendations for laundry, wetcleaning, perc and 12 alternative solvents.
Booth 3406

Air World is the innovator of the use of silicone padding in press pads for drycleaning and laundry and makes pads and covers for every pressing machine in the market. Air World originated the silicone Dream Pad for drycleaning presses and patented silicone flannel used for shirt units and laundry presses. Silicone flannel is used to replace nylon flannel pads for shirt and laundry presses and are in use by thousands of cleaners throughout the U.S. Air World makes other supplies, including mesh net bags for drycleaning and laundry, sleeve boards, sleeve expanders, water spray guns, overhead spray guns, all-steam irons, iron hoses, iron shoes, spotting brushes, spotting table noses. Recent product additions include collar posts, bagging jacks, bagging stations, shirt folding machines. The company will also have give-away items at the booth.
Booth 4900

Advanced drying technology for drycleaning, coin laundries, OPL and fire stations. The TS series includes 20- and 35-lb. capacity units with automatic and manual programs, humidity tracking systems and high-temperature programs for gentle drying of textiles, available in swinging rail and sing-bar options.
Booth 2343

Cleaners can add revenue with the alteration department complete package featuring Liebersew sewing machines, straight stitch, blindstitch, serging, button sewing, cover stitchers, walking foot, 373X cross-stitch and parallel button sewer. Also showing will be a new Theo European pressing system with up-air and vacuum and heated bucks and a photo sensor foot-activated vacuum, a new enclosed spotting cabinet, cold spotting conversion kits, and Evolution air operated bagging machine. B&G Lieberman features a wide selection of sewing supplies and buttons. Brands include Liebersew, Juki, Singer, Consew, FH Bonn, Air World, Labtest, Emsig Super Durable buttons, Gold Eagle, Reliable, Trevil, Naomoto, and Sheldon.
Booth 4470

bizzie is taking the traditional route drycleaning model to a new level and hopes to be the most exciting and customer-friendly drycleaning service concept in the marketplace. Effective pick-up and delivery services are more convenient than retail locations for today’s busy households. Efficient routes, however, need density. bizzie combines innovative business management software with high touch/high technology smartphone-based lockers to give the customer convenience in real-time. With a patented process, bizzie lets cleaners expand current business and tap into new markets by combining three valuable business lines: home/office pick-up and delivery; locker-based delivery solutions; and on-location drapery and light upholstery cleaning. Territories are available in the U.S. and Canada.
Booth 5007

Clean Concepts will introduce several new models in its lineup of popular European finishing equipment. The new tensioning topper is now computer controlled to give flexibility to every function and has an anti-stretching device to assure no change of shape will occur. The telescoping multiform finisher has a new larger motor for better drying when used with wetcleaning and is also available with tensioning arms to make it more versatile. The blown shirt unit, which has always been popular and produced an excellent shirt, now comes equipped with a hot-head pressing device for the shoulder area for even better shirt quality. A major addition to the lineup is a new cabinet shirt unit, Model 296, that combines the technology of a blown shirt with the faster production of a cabinet unit. It is completely computer controlled and easy to operate. At the booth will be the new USA importer of Fimas products, Donny Moore, who has been a long-time Fimas customer and is the managing partner for Sunshine Cleaners in Baton Rouge, LA. He will be joined by John Tipps, Clean Concepts’ sales manager, and other staff. Walter Cividini, managing director of Fimas in Italy, will also be available to answer questions and to meet international customers of Fimas equipment.
Booth 3463

The latest version of Cleaner Business Systems (CBS) will be featured. CBS is a feature-rich web-based software that lets drycleaning operators gain total control over key aspects of their business. Designed to benefit any size and type of drycleaning operation, CBS’s cutting edge design includes features such as a precision lot management system and integration with major assembly conveyors that make it ideal for large operations while simple feature like the employee time clock, detailed reports and easy-to-operate design make CBS a perfect solution for any drycleaning operation.
Booth 2853

In addition to its many products, the Cleaner’s Supply’s booth will again feature its Consultants’ Corner where some of the industry’s leading consultants will be available for Q&A sessions. Consultants will include Don Desrosiers of Tailwind Systems, Darcy Moen of Dry Cleaners’ Ad Shop, Henry and Jan Parker of Safety & Environmental Compliance consultants, James Peuster of The Route Pro, Jane Zellers of JCZ Training and Consulting and Sheldon Bray of Cleaner’s Mentor Consulting.
Booth 5121

For more than 30 years, Columbia/ILSA has been providing innovative design, reliability and craftsmanship to every product. The company’s engineering division, with an understanding of achieving garment care excellence, developed “The Evolution of Clean,” which is represented in its model lineup that will be on display and running in live. This includes the Professional Series line, the TL HCS N2 with a solvent heating system, the IPURA, and the introduction of two new GreenEarth models featuring a variety of solutions for garment care professionals. The Columbia/ILSA worldwide dealer network will be on site to assist in answering questions and explaining products. The 3,000-sq.-ft. booth also features the industrial line and the Tandem models.
Booth 3431

Commercial Coils offers an extensive inventory of precision-built replacement coils for laundry and drycleaning equipment. The company also offers shell and tube heat exchangers and replacement tube bundles, inline solvent coolers, still condenser coil re-tubing, and high efficiency evaporative coolers. Brands provided include Ajax, American Dryer, American Laundry, Challenge Cook, Cissell, Hoyt, Huebsch, Marvel, Milnor, Norman, and Speed Queen. Customer service reps will be available to answer any questions.
Booth 4951

DCCS will be demonstrating its latest Revision 2013 software enhancements which include many new and exciting cost-cutting and revenue-producing features. Advances in email/text message marketing, customer relationship management, employee production, credit card security, DCCS CA-Sort computer-assisted sorting/assembly system and radio frequency identification are just a few of the technology developments to see. Technical and sales personnel will be in attendance to answer questions and offer advice and solutions. DCCS has been a leader in innovative technology and software applications serving the drycleaning industry since 1983. The company supports and services over 2,000 customers in six countries and in six languages.
Booth 2354

The Dow Chemical Company (Dow), a supplier to the drycleaning industry for more than half a century, will feature DOWPER Dry Cleaning Solvent. Dow will highlight the performance benefits of DOWPER and demonstrate the safety features of its Small Volume Refillable (SVR) containers for the delivery of DOWPER.
Booth 4905

Since 1989 EzProducts manufactured heat seal presses for the drycleaning and laundry industry. EzProducts listened to customers for new features and benefits, then implemented these into EzPress, PopUpPress and PneumaticPress lines which have interchangeable mini platens, are lightweight, compact, low maintenance and have the world’s highest safety standards TUV SUD and are OSHA-approved. All of the presses are easily upgraded so they do not become obsolete. They are the only industrial grade heat seal presses designed for personal clothing. Equipment financing available. The new interchangeable mini-9 platen designed for labeling laundry bags, will be on display along with other interchangeable platens. Also on display will be the new permanent UGI barcode label. Attendees are invited to stop by for hands-on operation and maintenance training, demonstrations and barcode labeling solutions and advice.
Booth 3009

Fabricare Management Systems will exhibit its latest software version of Fabricare Manager POS that includes new features for email and text messages, enhanced customer profile management and new tracking reports. Attendees will be shown a new customer profile screen with more employee security configuration options, easier training steps to collect customer information, and much quicker access to customer data. Attendees will learn how transaction and audit reports can be run directly from the customer profile page. Also on display will be the system’s new racking log that retains all racking history for each completed order including successful and unsuccessful rack entries and scans. Multiple report filters allow power searches to be used to find the complete racking history of any order, customer, employee or date range. Fabricare Manager POS allows email messages to be sent to multiple addresses for the same customer. However, because a customer’s family or business associates may also need the same or a specific message or notification, the latest version enhances the customer’s profile to allow for multiple addresses in five separate batch email categories. Attendees will learn how easy it is to message customers and their family members or business associates separately in each of the five categories. These include news and events, order ready notification, account statements, promotions and route pickup and delivery.
Booth 1953

Firbimatic's success and growth has been driven by international markets and being at the forefront of innovative technologies, allowing for advanced manufacturing solutions and the introduction of new products into the U.S. market. By continued research and development using the latest in technology and engineering design, Firbimatic offers ecologically safe machines with careful consideration for environmental issues. Each machine is designed to function within strict guidelines while remaining easy to operate and maintain. Firbimatic has many different commercial and industrial drycleaning machine models for hydrocarbon, SolvonK4, and GreenEarth such as EcoGreen, Saver, K Series, Trio, EcoPro, and F Series along with a full line of perc and DrySolv machines with the Vortex and Axial models.
Booth 4555

Forenta will display self-contained pressing stations, the combination body-sleeve-pleat finisher Model 8215BSP press, the Model 850RASP rotary double-buck, conveyor system, drycleaning pant finishing toppers and legger, drycleaning utility presses and other finishing equipment. Also showing will be a spotting board, touch-up boards and equipment designed for the international market.
Booth 3755

Foster-Stephens is in its 77th year of doing business in the drycleaning industry. Foster-Stephens offers the largest line of textile storage boxes in the U.S. with their white and gold Keepsake line, Gold Treasure Chest line, and Champagne line. These box lines include 14 boxes sized from the small Accessory Chest to the largest-in-the-industry Super Keepsake Pak. With all those boxes, it’s easy to overlook the popular muslin garment bag line along with their reusable NWPP garment bags and preservation box liners. Whether boxing or bagging, the Foster-Stephens muslin garment bags and box covers are ready for silk screening of your company logo or personalized with embroidery for the end customer’s special occasion. Visit the Foster-Stephens booth and find out how to do brand packaging for top-of-the-line services. Orders placed at the show for a case of bags will receive 25 percent off.
Booth 4830

Fulton manufactures vertical tubeless and horizontal fire-tube boilers and will be showcasing its high efficiency Edge boiler (up to 85 percent efficient) with its proven rugged, robust reliable design. Sales and customer support personnel representing more than 110 years of experience in the laundry and drycleaning boiler market will be on hand. Among them will be John Toomey, inside sales and customer service parts specialists, who will be retiring after the show. Customers and friends are invited to stop by the booth to wish him well.
Booth 4825

The GreenEarth process is safe for people and the environment, cleans effectively without risk of harm to specialty fabrics and trims, and is operationally efficient. In return for an annual licensing fee, affiliates receive technical, operational and marketing support. Benefits include access to GreenEarth’s intellectual property, including use of patented silicone-based technology and trademarked name and logo, affordable equipment (runs in Class IIIA machines), lower labor/production costs, lower operating costs, decreased claims expense, less time and hassle with environmental compliance, landlord preference, and a broad range of professionally developed, customizable, marketing materials to leverage the GreenEarth difference.
Booth 4713

Hi-Steam will exhibit its full line of tensioning equipment, starting with the most popular SAM-451 Universal Finisher, the award winning TURBO-483 Shirt Finisher, as well as the classic, rotating form finisher, and the most powerful pants topper, PAM-510P. Also on display will be a full line of vacuum and blowing boards in all sizes and shapes, as well as the super spotting board, legger, and mini boilers (regular and automatic with pump for all day pressing). Live demonstrations with professional pressers will show what these machines can do and you can try them for yourself at the booth. See the advanced technology for better, faster, more productive work and perfect finish every time.
Booth 4543

IWA looks forward to seeing current and future customers. Those who stop by the booth can get a quote to see how IWA can lower insurance costs and offer comprehensive coverage. The company has worked hard in the last year to review its program for both coverages and rates to remain competitive while offering the same comprehensive coverage. IWA has partnered with The Hartford to create a special program offered only through IWA that offers the same coverages as IWA’s at competitive rate. This is a specialty program designed specifically for drycleaners and has offerings not available in their standard business owners’ policy.
Booth 5021

M&B is celebrating its 70th year of producing hangers with integrity you can trust and hang onto. As the drycleaning and industrial laundry industry continues to introduce new methods of automation, M&B Hangers has developed hangers specifically designed to work with today’s high-speed and automated conveyor systems. Stop by and say hello to the M&B team who is driven by a commitment to quality, the desire to provide excellent customer service and the understanding that it is our responsibility to provide a superior product at a competitive price.
Booth 4311

For the past 40 years, Multimatic has a full line of drycleaning machines, specializing in both alternate solvents and conventional solvents. Multistar drycleaning machines, designed for efficient operation with most of today’s alternative solvents will be featured. Hydrocarbon solvents, silicone-based solvents, glycol-based solvents and others can all run in the Multistar, letting the user switch from one alternative to another.
Booth 3263

Newhouse makes high-quality, low-cost specialty products for the laundry, drycleaning and garment manufacturing industries. As the manufacturer, Newhouse has control so most custom orders can ship the same day. Products include iron shoes, steam hoses, steam irons, water hoses, sleeve formers, ink removers, spotting brushes, laundry scales, finishing brushes, ironing accessories, sleeve boards, floor mats, laundry marking pens, carders, spotting guns and pill removers.
Booth 4370

NIE has insured drycleaners for almost a century. Experts will be on hand to advise on insurance for drycleaning plants, drop stores, laundromats or any other business associated with fabric care.
Booth 4307

Parker will show its 103 series 9.5L 9.5 hp high-pressure steam boiler with R option for up to 85 percent efficiency and sub 20 ppm Nox; fast dry Steam in under 10 minutes Also on display will be Parker 210 Series WH600 indirect fired water heaters dubbed by reps as “the 30 year water heating solution” with capacities up to 2,878 gallons per hour at a 100° F rise. All Parkers are simple and easy to maintain, with non-proprietary controls and parts.
Booth 4804

Lint rollers made with an extra tacky adhesive tape for maximum pickup and lasting power.
Booth 5219

Permac will display its high quality German-made drycleaning machine and VEIT finishing equipment. The Permac EC series drycleaning machines come standard with three tanks, two spin filters, soft-mount, high-speed extraction, stainless steel construction and vacuum still and have a full color touch screen display. All machines come standard with a modem for remote diagnostics and updates. Machines are available in 40-, 60- and 90-lb. models and have been approved for use with hydrocarbon, Rynex3, Kreussler K4 System and GreenEarth. A variety of VEIT finishing equipment will also be displayed with several models operating live at the show. Permac Machinery carries a full line of spare parts for the PERMAC EC series drycleaning machine, all VEIT finishing equipment as well as Böwe drycleaning machines and supplies parts and technical support for Eazy Clean machines.
Booth 4762

PONY Equipment has reached an agreement to distribute its equipment in the U.S. and now the entire PONY line of finishing and pressing equipment will be available to American businesses with complete domestic parts and technical support. PONY USA will be the National Master Distributor and a network of local dealers will be established across the country. The official unveiling will take place at the Clean Show with live demonstrations by expert operators who will highlight the features and advantages of PONY equipment. The staff of PONY USA will be on hand to offer technical and sales info to visitors and to offer special show prices. PONY will introduce the brand-new PONY Eagle tensioning shirt finisher, a unique finisher with cutting-edge, energy saving technology. The PONY ANGEL single buck shirt unit will also be in operation. The ANGEL provides an excellent finish in less than 30 seconds with its powerful air flow and Teflon coated pressing heads. The ANGEL is also equipped with a touch screen PLC for total control of the machine, and pneumatic adjustable height sleeve arms with cuff placket presses for an incomparable finish of the cuffs and full sleeve. Also on display will be a tensioning form finisher, for wetcleaned or drycleaned garments; a pneumatic tensioning pants topper with tensioning of the legs and waist; versatile, high-performance finishing boards with a wide range of features; a cold spotting board; and a sampling of PONY’s extensive line of drycleaning and laundry presses. As a result of the vertical production process in the Inzago, Italy, factory and the use of the highest quality raw materials, PONY guarantees its equipment to be of the highest quality. A consistent level of flexibility allows customization of machines according to different customers’ requests. PONY has been manufacturing pressing and finishing systems for 55 years.
Booth 4662

Street's has a history of innovative technology development in the industry since 1876 and is known for designing, developing, and marketing cleaning processes for the professional cleaning industry. Street's manufactures and markets drycleaning process additives, stain removal agents and filtration products. The company’s brands include DF2000 Fluid, WetDry, PyratexLV, H2PRO Wetcleaning, Puritan filters, Everest, Fabricol, Greensol, Staticol, Pinnacle, Multispot, Picrin, Pyratex, SpotLess hc, Streetex, Steam Dragon Boiler Treatment.
Booth 4943

The Realstar booth will have the latest and newest Realstar drycleaning machines. The KM series for use with GreenEarth, hydrocarbon, Rynex and Solvon K4 will be on display. Machine sizes range from capacities of 35 to 90 pounds. All machines have advanced components that are designed to bring savings on solvent usage, electricity and water.
Booth 4527

Sankosha USA is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its North American operations. The first introduction to the market took place at CLEAN ’93 in Chicago. Because of the excellent response to the equipment, the founder decided to open an office in the greater Chicago area and the birth of Sankosha USA took place. Sankosha USA will be running live demonstrations on the latest pressing, bagging and spotting technologies. We will also have all of our key associates from Japan from design and engineering to answer any questions As a worldwide company, Sankosha has heard many ideas from customers and implemented them into its special designs.
Booth 4343

Domestic manufacturer of plastic bags servicing the laundry and drycleaning, industrial laundry, apparel manufacturing and retail garment industries with five manufacturing plants located throughout the U.S. offering a comprehensive product line of garment bags, heat seal and tubing bags for automated baggers, bags on rolls, cart liners and covers, and all types of specialty bags. Poly bags for the laundry and drycleaning industry include clear, custom-printed, colored opaque and colored tinted bags. Printing capabilities are up to four colors printed on one or two sides in both low density and high density film. Ability to print co-extruded bags also. Specialty bags include draw tape bags, t-shirt bags, wicket bags, patch handle bags, and merchandise bags. Sigma also manufactures environmentally friendly bags and Accu-Count poly bags that are sequentially numbered poly garment bags to ensure bag count accuracy on every roll of garment film. A one-stop source for all flexible packaging needs.
Booth 2764

Spot software incorporates hundreds of user-friendly features for which Spot has become famous in the past 21 years. Its capabilities include customer-retention marketing, internal messaging with email forwarding, enhanced customer relationship manager (CRM), restoration scheduling calendar, full credit card PCI certification, routes with Geo mapping, route export to Garmin devices, new batch mark-in for heat seal label processing, enhanced Spot-based associated garment assembly for improved efficiency and interfaces to MetalProgetti, HMC, White Conveyor auto assembly conveyors. New features to be demonstrated at the Clean Show include MyDryCleaners Mobil consumer app for iPhone and Android devices enhancing CustomerConnect, redesigned RouteTrac Mobil management, redesigned ProductionTrac plant garment management with integrated PPOH functionality, SMS texting capabilities, Mobile Restoration Client, On The Spot Marketing and the all-new Spot Dashboard web-based real-time business management tool, among others.
Booth 1909

Trevil America will be running live demonstrations of its new automatic pants finishing machine that also presses the creases. The Pantastar is the first machine able to finish the entire pair of pants, including the crease, without the need for a skilled, experienced worker. The Pantastar irons the top of the pants like a tensioning pants topper while finishing the creases like a legger press. Features include electronic adjustment of tensioning, anti-stretching devices, an advanced clamping system for the cuffs and the exclusive TreviXpand system that adapts to the shape of the top of the pants. After finishing the top, the Pantastar automatically folds the pants and presses a flawless crease using selective steaming and pressure adjustments to safeguard delicate fabrics.
Booth 4263

Union will have on display its new line of K series drycleaning machines which are available in capacities of 35 to 90 pounds. These machines are manufactured specifically for the new Solvon K4 solvent and can also run other solvents such as GreenEarth, hydrocarbon and Rynex. Also on display will be the HL800, HXL and Nova series drycleaning machines. All Union machines feature the latest in drycleaning innovations, including faster production, lower energy consumption, ease of use and increased environmental sensibility.
Booth 3555

Exhibiting and running will be the new hybrid machine that allows the cleaner to operate using two different solvents (hydrocarbon, Impress or Gen-X) to obtain the optimal cleaning for the type  of soil and the fabric being cleaned. Impress is a high KB solvent (80KB); Gen-X is lower at 73 KB; and hydrocarbon is a normal hydrocarbon at 28 KB. All of these solvents can be used in the new hybrid and paired as needed to give the drycleaning the flexibility to clean any type of fabric with any type of soil.
Booth 4363
Unipress offers a complete line of shirt pressing and finishing equipment for drycleaning, commercial, and industrial applications. Every Unipress machine sold is inspected and tested before shipment to provide the highest reliability and quality for the end user.
Booth 3243

YAC Japan will exhibit an all new single/sleeve shirt press machine, Model AP-600. It provides both productivity at 70 shirts per hour and quality. The result of the company’s 25 years of shirt press experience, it features a resilient spring pad with efficient moisture dissipation; a sleeve angle adjustment for different types of shirts; a curved heat plate to provide maximum contact with shirts; a powerful and a hot-air blower for a quick, dry finish. They come with a Panasonic control computer and allow easy operation with a Panasonic touch screen.
Booth 4670