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National Clothesline
Pants topper adds creases with minimal labor
Mamaroneck, NY — Trevil has introduced the Pantastar, the first machine able to finish an entire pair of pants, including the crease, without the need for a skilled, experienced worker.
The Pantastar irons the top of the pants like a tensioning pants topper while finishing the creases like a legger press. Trevil said it is the most accurate pants topper on the market as it contains features such as electronic adjustment of tensioning, anti-stretching devices, an advanced clamping system for cuffs and the exclusive TreviXpand system that adapts to the shape of the top of the pants.
After finishing the top, the Pantastar automatically folds the pants and presses a flawless crease using selective steaming and pressure adjustments to safeguard delicate fabrics.
The Pantastar meets several important needs for the drycleaner: improves quality and consistency as the machine does the job perfectly time after time; saves labor costs as it does not require an experienced, high cost presser; flexibility as the machine can be operated as only a pants topper for uncreased pants; saves space as there is no longer a need for two pieces of bulky equipment and reduces ambient heat as the work area around the machine stays much cooler than a topper and a legger.
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Complete line of finishing and pressing equipment
INZAGO, ITALY —The entire PONY line of finishing and pressing equipment will be available to American businesses, with complete domestic, parts and technical support through PONY USA, the national master distributor, and a network of local dealers will be established across the country.
The new PONY Eagle tensioning shirt finisher draws on the company’s extensive expertise and experience in equipment design and manufacturing to create a finisher with cutting-edge, energy-saving technology.
The PONY Angel single buck shirt unit provides shirts with an excellent finish in less than 30 seconds with its powerful air flow and Teflon-coated pressing heads. The Angel is also equipped with a touch screen for total control of the machine and pneumatic adjustable height sleeve arms with cuff placket presses to finish the cuffs and full sleeve.
PONY also has a tensioning form finisher, for wetcleaned or drycleaned garments; a pneumatic tensioning pants topper with tensioning of the legs and waist; versatile, high-performance finishing boards with a wide range of features; a cold spotting board; and an extensive line of drycleaning and laundry presses.
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Detergent and bacteria inhibitor
PATERSON, NJ — Pariser Industries, Inc., has introduced a new and improved version of Maxim, a drycleaning detergent with bacteria inhibitor.
Designed for versatility of use across a variety of solvent systems and detergent feed methodologies, MAXIM incorporates anionic and nonionic ingredients as well as a citrus-based degreaser to insure superior grease and oil dispersion.
Maxim now also contains an anti-microbial component which inhibits biological growth in hydrocarbon solvent systems, thus controlling bacteria related odors. Additionally, a state-of-the-art anti-static component has also been added to the formula to mitigate electrical charge and resultant lint and handling issues.
The product was designed for use in injection system drycleaning applications but can also be used as a charge additive.
Maxim lets the drycleaner provide customers with highly effective cleaning results over a broad spectrum of fabrics and stain types, producing exceptional cleaning with minimal pre-spotting and re-processing. The product provides excellent soil suspension, and is effective in perc, hydrocarbon, silicon, and bromide type solvent systems.
It leaves finished garments smelling fresh and clean and provides a supple hand and garment drape.
Maxim is packaged in 4x1 gallon cases and five-gallon pails.
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Fabric finisher
MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Ah! Products new fabric finisher is a clear water-based formula that is safe for 100 percent cottons, 100 percent polyesters and all the blends in between. The non-flaking formula is designed for both dry and wet finishing side of the business. The “spray and press” feature saves time and money for today’s drycleaning plants.
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