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MAC/MfM group holds initial meeting
Several members of the MidAtlantic Association of Cleaners met with Richard Ehrenreich, MAC executive director, and Diana Vollmer of Methods for Management on April 6 in Williamsburg, VA, for the initial meeting of the MAC/MfM Management Bureau.
MAC has developed a strategic alliance with MfM to offer MAC/DLI members a way to improve their businesses for better operations and profitability. The group followed the main agenda items of a typical MfM meeting. Ehrenreich assisted Ben and Tammy Johnson, owners of Americlean, in leading a tour of their local Americlean plant. Vollmer explained how the MfM critique process works, with each participant focusing on a specific aspect of the cleaner’s operation.
Attendees then returned to their boardroom to go over further agenda items. Vollmer introduced MAC members to the MfM financials reports with a discussion of benchmarks and averages. She facilitated a discussion of “Best Ideas,” in which attendees shared their most innovative and successful change within their company over the last quarter. They also had a “Show and Tell” of their favorite new marketing pieces and discussed their success and what changes could be made to make them more effective.
Vollmer gave a special presentation to the group, “Emerge from this Economy More Profitable Than Ever,” in which she discussed the practices of the most successful drycleaners in a cutback economy.
The next meeting of MfM and MAC is being planned for August 2–3. Contact MAC, (800) 235-8360, or MfM, (253) 851-6327 to learn how to become part of this group.
MfM consults to the drycleaning industry through peer management bureaus and independent project assignments. MfM’s Management Bureaus provide a safe, non-competitive environment where members receive profit enhancing tools and share information, issues, and concerns with peers they trust and respect.
Attendees at the MAC/MfM meeting shown in the photo included, in the front row from left, Mike McKay of Dryclean and Shirt Salon in Cumberland, MD; Brian Kirschbaum of Village Cleaners in Gloucester, VA; Jamie Albano of Albano Cleaners in Norfolk, VA; Richard Ehrenreich, MAC executive director; Gene Moorefield of Moorefield-Sunshine Cleaners in Altavista, VA; and Tim Vick of Vick’s Cleaners in Kinston, NC.
In back are Marty Wade, MfM Consultant; Ben Johnson and Tammy Johnson of Americlean, Williamsburg, VA; Simon Vick of Vick’s Cleaners in Kinston, NC; and Tony Vadala of Albano Cleaners in Norfolk, VA. Also present but not in the photo were Mary Scalco, CEO of the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute, and Diana Vollmer of MfM.
DLI drycleaning courses set for July, October
Those seeking comprehensive introductory or advanced training in all things drycleaning will have a pair of excellent opportunities in July and October, both offered by the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute.
DLI provides a complete education with its courses which include one-week introductory course for industry newcomers and a two-week advanced class to help veterans improve to the next level.
The first installment of the “Introduction to Drycleaning” course from July 15 to 19 will be at its School of Drycleaning Technology located at 14700 Sweitzer Lane in Laurel, MD.
Geared toward individuals with less than one year of experience, the course covers: sorting loads for drycleaning; cleaning silk, satin and other fabrics; operating a drycleaning machine; removing coffee, ink, grease and other stains from clothing; pressing pants, coats and skirts; and using tensioning equipment to improve finishing quality.
The cost is $795 for DLI members and $1,149 for non-members. If two or more students from the same member plant attend, tuition drops to $695 each. Premier Club members may attend a class for free.
The class will be repeated later in the year from Oct. 14 to 18.
Immediately after the introductory courses will be offerings of the “Advanced Drycleaning” class, from July 22 to Aug. 2 and then from Oct. 21 to Nov. 1.
The advanced session is suitable for those who have completed the introductory course or who have sufficient hand-on production experience in a plant.
It covers: identifying cotton, silk, polyester and other fabrics; using bleaches without damaging the fabric color; pressing blouses, dresses, ties, pleated garments, silks, velvets and corduroy; wetcleaning wool, silk and more; maintaining and changing filters; and troubleshooting problems with the drycleaning machine.
Attendees will also learn about using tensioning equipment, current drycleaning regulations, customer service techniques, the difference between solvents, pressing laundered shirts, designing a plant for better workflow, and cleaning and preserving wedding gowns.
The cost is $1,249 for DLI members, or $1,049 each for two or more from the same plant. Non-members must pay $1,749 each.
Also this summer, DLI has planned a two-day wetcleaning course from June 3-4.
Instruction will emphasize how to sort loads for wetcleaning, operating wetcleaning machines and dryers, identifying fibers and fabric construction, understanding how water affects various fibers, bleaching, stain removal techniques, finishing procedures and wetcleaning wool, silk, satin and specialty items such as beaded and sequined clothing.
The cost is $349 for members ($249 for two or more from the same plant) and $449 for everybody else. Premier Club members may attend one class free.
Rounding out the schedule for 2013 is a five-day cleaning and stain removal course slated to take place Sept. 9 to 13.
The focus will be on many of the same themes covered in other classes, such as sorting loads, cleaning different fabrics, removing various stains, operating drycleaning machines, identifying fabrics, understanding different solvents, using bleaches, and machine maintenance and how to troubleshoot problems.
Tuition for DLI members is $795 each ($659 for two or more) and $1,149 for others. Premium Club members may attend one class for free.
For more information or to register for any of DLI’s upcoming classes, call (800) 638-2627 or visit