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It need not be new to be better
The Clean Show returned to New Orleans last month. It was a terrific show!
I hope that you were among the attendees because if you were not, my best attempts to make you feel like you were there will fail miserably.
There’s really nothing like the Clean Show. Some folks decide well in advance that they aren’t going because they “don’t need anything.”
This is rather nonsensical because you really aren’t aware of the offerings until you watch them paraded and dangled in front of you.
Maybe some don’t go because they don’t want to be tempted to spend money.
You really don’t want to be spending money, but you really do want to invest in your business.
There is a big difference. Spending money is using it for something that makes it go away.
Investing money is a little bit like spending money, except that, because you parted with some coin, you will be getting a whole bunch more money back in return. You earn a dividend. This is way better than spending.
OK. Enough of that. Except to say that I learned that there were a whole bunch of new ways to invest in your business.
My coverage of the show will run through October. There are times that the press coverage of an event collides with the deadlines of trade publications and this is certainly one of those times.
It is practically impossible to do this awesome show justice when you have approximately two overnights to write about everything that deserves attention.
And so many things do! There are all sorts of improvements to shirt units by virtually every manufacturer. We will look at these in-depth over the next few months.
All of the manufacturers have tweaked their equipment; they took the good and they made it better. There isn’t anything wrong with this.
I think that there is a part of every one of us that wants to be completely blown away by a never-before-seen idea — something truly avant garde.
I agree that this can be really exciting, but there is a downside.
If you bought the latest and greatest at Clean 2011, how would you feel today if you learned that what you bought was no longer “the greatest” and perhaps it has been scrapped for the “new and improved?”
While there is always plenty to be said for new and improved, there is a heck of a counter argument for “tried and true” and “if it ain’t broke, it don’t need fixin’.”
While virtually all manufacturers of shirt equipment enhanced their offerings, there wasn’t anyone offering a version 1.0.
This isn’t a bad thing. I think that it shows how mature shirt equipment has become, but at the same time, when you buy some equipment from this show, you can be certain that you aren’t a guinea pig for something totally new and you are getting the most advanced equipment ever manufactured.
Same time, same channel. Next month. I have some really exciting information to share.
“If you do what you always did, you’ll get what you always got!”

Don Desrosiers has been in the drycleaning and shirt laundering