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Shirt pressing keeps getting better
Once again, as has become a bit of a tradition, Tailwind Systems offers a free multimedia presentation of the Clean Show, featuring the latest and greatest in the world of shirt pressing equipment.
The Clean Show is always full of innovations and the 2013 edition in New Orleans was certainly no exception. Go to to see photos and videos from the clean show floor.
This month, I’ll cover Veit, Forenta, Sankosha and Pony. In August, we will wrap up our equipment coverage with Unipress, YAC, Fimas and FujiStar/Weishi.
The latest VEITtouch control in the new Multiform 8363, the Shirt Finisher 8326 and the Shirt Press 8900 with touch screen color display gives operators a view of all functions and parameters and includes helpful service features.
The VEIT belt drive allows precise tensioning without altering the garment shape and is part of the company´s “Smart Engineering” system.
The new moisture control in the professional Shirt Finisher 8326 (Photo 1) measures the moisture in the shirt and automatically switches off the fan as soon as the shirt is dry.
Moisture control saves energy, saves touch-up and increases productivity. I was quite fascinated with this moisture control feature. It seems like something that should have been done a long time ago. Clothes dryers have had this feature for decades.
Forenta did not introduce a new model but they have made numerous tweaks and modifications to their existing shirt units that make maintenance and parts replacement easier and less expensive. That’s never a bad thing!
Also, Forenta tweaked the design of their side air bags to improve the finish on tailored shirts.
Sankosha introduced its newest shirt unit (predictably) called the LP590u (Photo 2).
The buck is essentially identical to the LP570u — the pads and covers and the same, for one thing — but this one has a great new feature that really innovates.
Surely you are familiar with the “ripple” wrinkles on the sleeves of shirts that don’t fit quite right on blown-sleeve shirt units. Well, a “joy stick” adjustment to remedy this pressing malady is all the rage this year. And Sankosha isn’t late to the party.
On this shirt unit, you dress the shirt on the buck in the usual manner and index it. When the buck is in the pressing position, the green arrow buttons on the front of the machine can be pressed to raise or lower the angle of the outstretched sleeves. Very slick.
Adding to the new look of the LP590u is the angular placement of the controls box. Its more ergonomic and really changes the look and feel of this excellent shirt unit.
Following on the heels of my June column, “Premium Shirts, Premium Problems,” is PONY’s tensioning shirt finisher EAGLE, which was introduced for the first time at the Clean Show in New Orleans.
Unlike the shirt units of their competitors, it features a higher protection for the buttons. While the others have an electrically heated front paddle to heat and dry the front part of the shirt, this paddle is only covered by a felt pad in order to allow heat to go through.
The Pony Eagle features a steam heated counter paddle on the buck, thus providing the drying of the shirt front. This allows Pony to use a cold front paddle with a thick, double silicon padding. Once the paddle is closed, the buttons get easily into the padding, not being damaged or broken.
Regarding the cuff area, we can confidently state you don’t need to remove cuff buttons. The cuff clamps system features a rubber polyester foam padding which protects the cuff buttons. Hmmm. I will send my premium shirts to a cleaner that processes them on this unit!
From the usability standpoint, the Eagle is customizable. For any given cycle, you can program this shirt press to skip certain steps, such as no yoke press or no sleeve pleat press.
Furthermore, the Eagle has a few buttons on the front of the machine that are user customizable. Rather than going to the control panel, for example, you can program one of these buttons to skip the sleeve pleat press. Nice touch. Don’t miss the movie of this unit on my website.
But wait! There’s more! Come back next month for more new equipment innovations from some more manufacturers. We still need to discuss offerings from Unipress, Fimas and more!
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