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National Clothesline
Line of products for professional wetcleaning
NAPERVILLE, IL — R. R. Street & Co. has introduced its H2PRO  professional products for wetcleaning and laundry, an evolution of its Hydrocare products into the newly branded and expanded line.

H2PRO detergents are designed to safely and effectively remove soil from fabrics that should be cleaned in water, working together for optimal cleaning and finishing results.
New to the line is H2PRO High Performance Detergent. This concentrated enzymatic detergent is designed for everyday use to handle moderate to heavily soiled items. The formulation removes greasy, oily soils, protein stains and starch-based food stains in varying water conditions and temperatures, while suspending those difficult soils until they can be rinsed away.
H2PRO High Performance Detergent contains a buffering system that helps protect colors from fading and optical brighteners to ensure that whites stay white and colors stay bright.
H2PRO Detergent is a concentrated cleaning agent that is strong enough for everyday use, yet gentle enough for delicate items processed in water. Its buffering system helps stabilize fabrics by lowering the inter-fiber friction during the cleaning process, which reduces felting and shrinkage. The buffering system also aids in minimizing dye bleeding to help preserve colors and retain their intensity. H2PRO Detergent is effective in loosening, surrounding, and suspending soil until it can be rinsed away.
Some fabrics processed in water can become less flexible or pliable and somewhat harsh to the touch. H2PRO Fabric Conditioner imparts a soft and supple feel to the fabrics and brings them closer to their original look and feel. H2PRO Fabric Conditioner is a surface-active agent that affixes itself to the outside of the fibers, acting as an anti-static agent and improving the resistance of fabrics to rubbing and abrasion during the drying process to minimize shrinkage.
All products in the H2PRO line are designed to work together for optimal cleaning and finishing results in water. They can be used in multiple applications, including hand washing, top-loading (home-style) machines, front-loading (high-efficiency) machines and professional laundry and wetcleaning machines.
Gelatone Fabric Finish complements the H2PRO line of wetcleaning products. It helps to restore the crisp, fresh look to fabrics and to makes them feel and look like new. Gelatone is a water-soluble fabric finish for professional application to drycleaned, wetcleaned and laundered fabrics. Gelatone can restore the original look and feel to hard-to-finish fabrics such as cotton, linen, ramie, silk, and rayon.
H2PRO wetcleaning products are the result of Street’s ongoing research and development with new cleaning technologies.
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Reformulated laundry spray spotter
KEARNEY, NJ — RiteGo Laundry Spray Spotter has been reformulated and re-introduced by the A. L. Wilson Chemical Co.
RiteGo is Wilson’s high-performance, high-value laundry spray that delivers cleaner collars and cuffs and can outperform similar products without the labor expense and wear-and-tear that come from brushing.  Customers will appreciate getting shirts that look better and last longer.
RiteGo’s micro-emulsion technology allows it to penetrate quickly to absorb perspiration and collar and cuff stains and to release ground-in soil. To use, spray RiteGo on and wash it out; there is no need to brush, saving time and labor. Customers’ garments last longer since there is no brushing that can cause damage.
RiteGo is biodegradable, non-combustible, and California 2013 VOC and Prop-65 compliant.
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Tensioning shirt finisher
WASHINGTON, DC — PONY introduced its brand new Eagle shirt finisher at Clean ’13. With cutting edge technology and reduced energy consumption while using minimum floor space, the Eagle aims to become a new benchmark for tensioning shirt finishers at a competitive price.
The Eagle features the Hot Air Recovery System to recapture air from the shoulder press and convey it through a special channel into the fan to speed the drying of the shirt. As a result, the EAGLE is able to reduce energy consumption by 20 to 30 percent with faster drying times and higher productivity.
Additional features include Teflon coated press heads simultaneously pressing both the yoke and the cuff plackets; a brand new adjustable cuff clamp system with rotating rounded clamps; and a front horizontal sliding paddle with customizable main controls and regulating buttons.
Energy savings, low noise, compact size, height adjustment and ease of use make the Eagle ideal for launderers.
PONY also highlighted its Angel single-buck shirt press unit with a hand-painted American flag on its front panel to represent PONY’s new partnership in the United States.
PONY has launched its new venture, PONY USA, a partnership with an American company with more than 30 years of industry experience.
PONY plans to create a network of dealers across the U.S. to provide technical assistance and logistical support. Machines and parts will be available in stock and ready to ship with expert sales assistance.
District Cleaners Equipment in Washington, DC, is the first official distributor for Pony USA. They serve customers across Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.
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Social media marketing program for drycleaners
TAMPA, FL — Likeable Local, a subsidiary of Likeable Media, in partnership with Kreussler Inc., presented a new social media marketing solution for drycleaners at the Clean Show.
Likeable Local makes social media marketing, content marketing, and online advertising easy for small businesses. Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Local and chairman of the board of Likeable Media, created Likeable Local to help small local businesses compete in the social media world with big brands.
Likeable Dentists was launched in June 2012 followed by Likeable Dry Cleaners this year. Likeable Dry Cleaners helps drycleaners reach their customers through social media with Facebook and Twitter with a combination of automation and customization.
Likeable Dry Cleaners provides full-service social media support with a content publisher, ad buyer, tab creator; and an offline Facebook marketing kit. To bring new customers and reward loyal ones, Likeable Dry Cleaners runs promotions, contests, and sweepstakes on clients’ social media channels.
Exclusive training and hands-on education are part of Likeable Dry Cleaners. Through webinars and one-on-one training, clients are helped to grow their businesses using social media.
Richard Fitzpatrick, vice president of Kreussler Inc., said many of his company’s clients want to take advantage of all the tools of social media offers but cannot get the right mix of content and consistency to make it work. Kreussler, he said, wants to help its clients succeed in inventive ways.
“Being able to exclusively offer Likeable Dry Cleaners to our clients is just another example of why Kreussler is the right partner to be working with now and in the future,” he said.
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Importer for Eazy Clean
INDIAN TRAIL, NC — Permac Machinery has announced that it is now the sole importer of Eazy Clean HCS drycleaning machines for the United States and Canada. These machines are entirely manufactured and developed in Germany strict quality standards. The soft-mount machines are built with quality materials and have extraction speeds up to 800 rpm, free programmable control, simple operation and self-diagnostic features.
Permac Machinery is owned and operated by Bill and Karen Morgal. Bill was head of service and technical support when Böwe was operating in the United States and is available to answer technical questions on Eazy Clean, Böwe or Veit finishing equipment. Permac Machinery is also the sole importer for parts for those machines.
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