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National Clothesline November 2009 Table of Contents
Around the U.S.
Free admission at NCA’s Texcare
Stain removal class at DLI
PDCA seminar with Meet & Greet coming to Harrisburg
GreenEarth affiliates gathering this month
All-day spotting seminar coming to Wisconsin
NCALC/MfM plan trio of management meetings
First Tide plant opens in Florida
Lynette Watterson: Sweet memories
• Risking failure in order to succeed
• Getting prices in line with costs
Frank Kollman: Do you believe in magic?
Don Desrosiers: More shirt pressing innovations
Dan Eisen: Wetcleaning for wedding gowns
Harvey Gershenson: Developing the habits of winners
Neil Schroeder: Avoid common web site mistakes
Japanese delegation visits Zengeler Cleaners
Ehrenreich focusing on broker network
Lapels’ Eisner join board of franchise association
New location for Liberty Computer
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