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Silk prespotter and leveling agent for fabrics
PATERSON, NJ — Pariser Industries has introduced a new development in spotting technology.
Silky was designed to be used as an aid in the pre-spotting process, both as a silk spotter and as a general leveling agent for moisture sensitive fabrics.
The product is safe and effective on a wide range of fabrics, including silk, linen, gabardine, rayon, cotton and wool. It is compatible with perc and hydrocarbon systems.
Silk fabric is highly susceptible to issues when pre-spotting, and great care and the right spotter is required to remove stains without damaging the fabric and/or removing the dyes.
Silky helps lubricate and emulsify oils and water present in this process, allowing for excellent stain removal without dye removal or residual rings.
The use of steam and other chemistry on the spotting board requires use of a leveling agent to permit proper residual removal in the subsequent cleaning process. Silky can be safely applied to treated garments for recleaning and is compatible with all type solvent systems.
For pre-spotting, Silky is applied liberally to stained area, then tamp with a spotting brush and clean.
To use as a leveling agent, treat the stained area with appropriate spotting agents, gently flush with water or steam if necessary, then apply Silky to the treated area and re-clean the garment.
Silky is packaged in 4x1 gallon cases.
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Sizing for GreenEarth
COLD SPRING, KY — Fabritec International Research has announced that its sizing for GreenEarth solvent is now patented.
Sanitone Luster sizing is specifically designed for silicone solvents such as GreenEarth. This special sizing imparts body and enhanced feel to fabrics and the finished garments retain their shape longer. The sizing-enhanced fabric is also easier to finish.
Luster sizing is ecological as it is based on natural raw materials.
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Secret shopper service
LAUREL, MD — The Drycleaning & Laundry Institute has expanded its Mystery Shopper program to include in-store visits. Visits will be handled by MarketWise Consulting Group, Inc., a professional mystery shopping service provider.
MarketWise was established in 1993 and provides market research and competitive analysis. Industry-wide Peer Group Data Comparisons are published twice a year and are considered the benchmark for service standards.
The mystery shopping program evaluates and scores front line and cleaning services offered by member companies. Carolyn Nankervis, Marketwise Consulting Group, Inc. president, said her company has been helping drycleaners achieve service standards since 1997.
DLI CEO Mary Scalco said that by partnering with an expert firm the institute is able to offer services above and beyond what its original Mystery Shopper program could do. In-store visits  give a better picture of a business from the perspective of the people who pay you for your services, she added.
MarketWise Consulting is a member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) and follows a code of ethics set forth by the association to ensure professionalism when gathering information about businesses.
The service is available to DLI members only.
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