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DLI certification exams
now can be taken online
The Drycleaning and Laundry Institute is moving its certification testing online instead of requiring candidates to drive to a testing center to complete exams.
All three certification exams will be available on line. These include Certified Professional Drycleaner (CPD); Certified Environmental Drycleaner (CED); and Certified Professional Wetcleaner (CPW)
Candidates who pass the exams earn the right to use the title in their name and receive a professional DLI certificate suitable for display. Successful completion of all three certification exams entitles the candidate to the title of Certified Garment Care Professional (CGCP), and a larger DLI certificate for display along with the other three.
“We think the changes we are making will make our professional certification program even better,” said DLI CEO Mary Scalco. “As of the first test date in January, cleaners will be able to take the certification exams from the comfort of home or office — no travel required!”
Also, the Certified Environmental Drycleaner exam will be tailored for alternative solvents, allowing candidates to take the exam specifically created for the type of solvent they use.
The next exam period will be Jan. 25 through Feb. 2, 2014. The registration deadline is Jan. 10. The exams will be offered twice more next year: May 31 through June 8 and Oct. 4-12.
During the one-week exam period, the test may be taken at any convenient time, 24 hours a day. Candidates can schedule one or multiple exams within the one-week testing period.
Anyone who owns or is employed in an operating drycleaning business is eligible to apply for certification. DLI advises registering as early as possible to allow time to prepare for the exam. The process starts by visiting www.dlionline.org/Certification and following the “Register Now” link. DLI members who log in with their member number will get DLI special pricing.
To complete the application each candidate will need to create a password that will be used to access the certification exams. A business address, home address, and active email address are also needed.
Once the application has been processed and eligibility verified, usually within three business days, DLI will email information on how to access the test website.
The exam web site study material can be viewed or downloaded as often as necessary before taking the exam. The actual exam however, will only be available during the one-week testing period.
While the study guides can assist in preparation for the exams, the tests are designed not only to test an individual’s ability to read and memorize DLI materials, but also to test knowledge gained through work experience. Thus DLI recommends a minimum of three years of experience in the drycleaning industry before taking an exam.
Details on the topics covered in each exam can be viewed or downloaded in the Certification Handbook.
The exams are timed. To prevent accidental starting of the exam and timer, the exam can only be started by clicking “Begin Test.” Clicking on other links or opening other documents will have no effect. Once the timer has begun the exam cannot be paused, stopped or reset. At the end of the time limit, the exam will stop and the score will be calculated whether or not all questions have been answered.
The time limits are three hours for the Certified Professional Drycleaner exams, 2.5 hours for the Certified Professional Wetcleaner exam and two hours for the Certified Environmental Drycleaner exam.
A satisfactory score on multiple–choice questions must be achieved. Questions are based on the type of certification sought and can range from business management, customer service, fibers and fabrics, stain removal, environmental regulations, proper waste handling, safe operating procedures, and the drycleaning and wetcleaning processes.
Upon completion of the exam, a status screen will display the final exam score and pass or fail status. Written status notification will also be sent from DLI to all test candidates. Successful candidates will receive certificates from DLI.
All certifications are valid for three years. At the end of the term, certification must be renewed.