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Johnson’s, GreenEarth launch marketing campaign in UK
GreenEarth Cleaning’s largest affiliate, Johnsons Cleaners, launched a major marketing campaign last month to build consumer awareness of the benefits of its GreenEarth Cleaning process.
The advertising effort celebrated the completion of the chain’s conversion of all of its 320-stores to GreenEarth. Perc has been removed from all locations and every branch location is now branded and operating with GreenEarth.
The campaign, exclusively focused on the benefits of the GreenEarth Cleaning system, includes more than 3,000 TV advertisements, print media and in-store collateral and is supported by innovative publicity and public relations efforts.
Johnsons Cleaners, which dominates the UK drycleaning market, is a founding member of GreenEarth Cleaning, LLC and owns the GreenEarth Master License for the UK.
Previously, Johnsons Cleaners’ marketing efforts largely occurred at store level and via local and regional media because the company was reluctant to aggressively market its GreenEarth difference until 100 percent of its stores were converted.
The campaign began with a splash as 75 aliens, clothed head to toe in green, landed in London in search of something not available on their planet — something that could keep their clothes newer looking longer.
For 10 hours, these GreenEarthlings danced their way through the streets and fashion houses of London, on foot and on an open-topped red tour bus.
The event ended at a Johnsons Cleaners store, where the GreenEarthlings finally discovered GreenEarth, a solution to their problem which they declared “Out of this world.” The event was witnessed by tens of thousands of people, many of whom were taking mobile videos and tweeting about the event.
In addition to raising awareness about a “different kind of dryclean”, the stunt also helped raise awareness of “Johnsons Cares” national charity day in support of NSPCC, a UK nonprofit devoted to ending cruelty to children.
The benefits of GreenEarth Cleaning will be communicated to customers through a television and print campaign that highlights the ability of GreenEarth to take better care of clothes, customers and the environment.
Testing of the campaign showed that consumers readily understood the environmental benefit of GreenEarth, but were surprised to learn that it is also odor-free and helps keep their clothes looking newer longer by maintaining shape and color. Four new television commercials begin airing immediately with print advertising in national newspapers to follow. The TV and print campaign will reach more than 80% of Johnson’s target customers in the UK. Collateral materials will support these efforts in every store.
“Johnsons Cleaners has been an outstanding partner from day one, truly world-class,” said Tim Maxwell, president of GreenEarth Cleaning. “They have raised garment care in the UK to new standards of quality and sustainability.  Their passion for excellence sets them apart in everything they do, and this media blitz is no exception.”
Johnsons Cleaners was part of the core circle of early adopters of the GreenEarth Cleaning process, joining as a founding member in 1999.
“As a brand we are constantly striving to find new ways of developing our service offering to enable us to provide the best possible drycleaning experience,” said Chris Sander, head of Johnsons Textile Services Division.
To ensure that every branch is leveraging the capabilities of the GreenEarth system to full advantage, Johnsons sent every operator to “Operation Clean,” a five-day program to train or retrain every one of its operators. To facilitate consumer understanding, every store has been rebranded with GreenEarth messaging and every customer service representative was trained to explain their GreenEarth difference to customers.  
In the five years since Johnsons put its carbon policy in place, it has reduced electricity and gas consumption by 28 percent across its chain of branches, reduced hanger usage by 18 percent and has encouraged 160,000 customers to “go paper free.”
Johnsons Cleaners’ work in environmental sustainability has earned it recognition as one of the UK’s “Best Green Companies” for two consecutive years. The awards were based on environmental performance data, internal environmental policies and procedures and a company-wide survey of employees, and are subjected to independent verification review by an environmental management consultancy.
Gown firm grows into larger facility
From producing five gowns per day, to now producing 350-plus gowns per day, Memories Gown Preservation has seen rapid growth in cleaning gowns for fellow drycleaners and bridal salons all across the country.
Memories Gown Preservation launched its wholesale wedding gown cleaning and preservation services to the drycleaning and bridal salon industries in April, 2010. Memories management team believed that drycleaners could improve their profit margins and increase their product quality by outsourcing their customers’ gown preservation needs.
Heath Bolin, owner of Sparkle Cleaners in Arizona, was Memories first customer. He immediately saw the benefit and the ease of outsourcing his wedding gowns.
Memories now does business with more than 350 companies representing approximately 1,000 locations nationwide.  
The growth has been so rapid that Memories moved into a new, 10,000-sq.-ft. facility in Houston in July, 2013. The new facility has 28 full-time employees who are experts in gown preservation because that is all they do. Memories attributes much of its growth to its managers — Kyle Nesbit, vice president, and Ron Garrett, senior vice president.
With a new facility that can produce 120,000 thousand gowns a year, Nesbit is energetic and optimistic about its future as a trusted gown preservation company.
Memories Gown Preservation’s wholesale program is simple and easy:  
• Fill out the provided order form.
• Pack the customer’s gown in the Memories provided shipping container.
• Ship the gown to Memories using the pre-paid FedEx shipping label.  
With that, the drycleaner’s job is done. In less than three weeks, the operator will receive their customer’s gown preserved, packaged and ready to go.
Memories knew, from years of operational experience, that most cleaners don’t do enough gowns for it to become mainstream in their operation. Gown preservation is a specialized process that requires not only experience, but also the right equipment, cleaning products, and finishing.
A single drycleaning location might do about five gown preservations and another five gown cleanings over their counter annually. Dealing with the gowns becomes just one more thing that had to be done at the end of the day or, worse, on the weekends.  
With Memories wholesale program, an operator never has to worry about cleaning, finishing, boxing, or “finding the time” to do it all.
The company can be reached by phone at (866) 492-4696 or on the web at
Alliance plans $46 million expansion
Less than two months after completing a major production capacity increase, Alliance Laundry Systems LLC announced that it is moving forward with a $46 million expansion, the largest in the company’s history.
The project received final internal approval after Alliance reached various agreements with its union, the United Steelworkers Local 1327, the City of Ripon, WI, and Fond du Lac County.
The company’s current plans call for adding 106,000 square feet of space for manufacturing and assembly in Ripon.
Alliance anticipates breaking ground for the new expansion in February 2014 and expects the added production capacity to be on line in the second half of 2015. It will place initial orders for long-lead-time production equipment this year.
The company plans to hire an additional 150 manufacturing and office staff to support the added capacity.
The hiring process will begin immediately, but the majority of production employees will be hired in 2015. Alliance currently employs 1,567 people in Ripon.
Currently Alliance’s corporate campus occupies five buildings on more than 58 acres in Ripon. Its facilities include two manufacturing plants, an engineering center and test lab, and distribution facilities, for a total of more than one million square feet.
Alliance Laundry Systems LLC manufactures commercial laundry equipment and provies services to laundromats, multi-housing laundries and on-premise laundries. It also makes commercial quality washers and dryers for the home.
The company offers a full line of washers and dryers with load capacities from 12 to 265 pounds, made and tested at Alliance’s manufacturing facilities in Ripon and Wevelgem, Belgium.
The company’s equipment is sold under the brand names Speed Queen, UniMac, Huebsch, IPSO, Cissell and D’Hooge.
Alliance Laundry Systems employs more than 1,800 people worldwide and has more than 1.4 million square feet of global facility space. Net revenues in 2012 were $505 million.
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