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Are you planning to set a record?
Are your route sales setting any records? I would like to go on record saying that many operators are not setting records with their route sales this year.
I am going to help you develop a program and game plan to get you there.
In fact, let's look at what the acronym RECORD looks like.
James Peuster
R stands for Recruit. Your job is to be a recruiter and bring in qualified candidates for the position.  Failure to do so will only lead to stagnant results. Choosing the right individual is step one of many to building your routes.
E stands for Equip. Give your staff the proper tools and training so that they can succeed. Hiring is hard enough, but if you don't give your salesperson a chance right away, both parties will end up frustrated.
C stands for Coaching. Without a sales coaching presence, your staff will struggle to succeed. They will need positive support as well as redirection when going astray. Without this element, you can kiss your chances to succeed goodbye.
O stands for Overcomers. One of the secrets of sales winners is the ability to overcome failure. Each opportunity leads to a yes or a no. This is where your staff member must continue on, and accept the next challenge, not avoid it.
R stands for Replicators. Once you have experienced success, you must keep going and growing by finding a second, third and fourth route developer. This may be the element that some discontinue with, and eventually watch their sales decrease.  
D stands for Driven. Everyone on board must be driven to grow. From ownership to production, the bus must keep moving forward. Driving the sales takes a mindset of continual growth.
This acronym is a simple illustration of what our team has seen over the past three years and should be used as a checklist to self-evaluate what is keeping you from increasing your top-line numbers.
With all the competition out there, as well as other variables, it is time to make the decision to go on record and develop a game plan to grow.
What's the worst thing that is going to happen? 
James Peuster offers onsite training and all aspects of routes. Management, marketing and maintenance are all key components in developing a million-dollar route.  You can listen to his radio programs on
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