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Two new solvents unveiled
at Paris trade show
In Paris, the reputed birthplace of drycleaning, two new drycleaning solvents were shown at Jet Expo held in October, according to the International Committee on Textile Care (CINET).
With France beginning a phase-out of perc, CINET reported that alternative cleaning systems were a focus of the exhibition this year. Wetcleaning systems were among the most encountered alternative, but two new solvents, KTex and Arcaclean, also drew attention.
Jet Expo organizers said drycleaners strongly interested by solvent innovations and wetcleaning improvements represented 45 percent of the show’s visitors.
CINET reported that KTex, produced by Bardahl and marketed by French distributor Romera, is a halogen-free solvent with a light scent that uses Class IIIA machines, like hydrocarbon.
“As of yet, little is known about its characteristics,” CINET said.
There was a bit more information on Arcaclean, which is produced by France-based Arcane Industries and originates from the metal degreasing process. CINET said it is a mixture of several solvents and about 2 to 3 percent water, is biodegradable and has a light scent. Other characteristics include a relatively high KB value of 78, a flashpoint of 183°F, which is higher than most combustible solvents, and a boiling range of 329 to 446°F. Its density is slightly lighter than water.
“The cleaning system does not use a water separator, merely a distillation to purify the solvent and remove excess water,” CINET reported.
CINET said Arcaclean will be introduced into the market early next year. A recycling program will accompany delivery of the product.
Both solvents are currently tested and certified by the French research institute CTTN.
A regulation adopted by the French government last year begins phasing out perc in 2014.
As of Jan. 1, perc machines older than 15 years can’t be used nor is perc allowed in new facilities. The phase-out will be implemented in stages for different facilities, with a total ban effective by January 1, 2022.