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Oregon DEQ fines Salem cleaner
for environmental infractions
About a year after discovering environmental violations at Alpine Cleaners in Salem, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality recently levied $5,093 in fines against owner Arunkumar Kantilal Patel.
The plant, which was bought by Patel in 2010, was visited by a DEQ inspector initially back in October of 2012.
At that time, it was discovered that Alpine had no evidence of weekly leak inspections and temperature data, both required under federal law to make sure a drycleaner’s condenser is not emitting any perchloroethylene. As a result, DEQ issued a $3,499 fine for the violation.
Another problem discovered during the inspection was a valve that had been improperly installed on the wastewater treatment system, allowing for water to bypass the filtration system.
The inspector also found a pan containing perc-contaminated wastewater connected to the system. Exposed to the air, it created a condition for employees to be subjected to toxic fumes. DEQ assessed another penalty of $1,644 for the violation.
The DEQ returned for a follow-up inspection almost a year later to determine if actions were taken to correct the violations. According to the environmental agency, it was then discovered that the wastewater treatment system had been unplugged and was improperly rerouting perc-contaminated wastewater back into the drycleaning machine.
DEQ issued Patel a deadline to either establish a proper method of processing wastewater in the facility utilizing an approved treatment system or to collect the wastewater and store it in a closed container properly until it can be sent to an approved hazardous waste treatment or disposal facility.
In addition to the violations that incurred fines, Patel has also been cited for: failing to have a secondary containment system under and around a storage container containing hazardous wastewater; failing to keep a copy of the permit for operating the drycleaning machine at the facility; failing to retain hazardous waste shipping records at the facility for the required three years; and failing to keep required paperwork regarding the facility’s use of perc including purchase receipts, purchase logs, leak detection logs, repair logs and refrigerated condenser pressure and temperature logs.
CCA sets date for Fabricare 2014 show in Long Beach
The California Cleaners Association will be returning to Long Beach in 2014 to host its biennial Fabricare trade show.
The venue will once again be the Long Beach Convention Center, located at 300 E. Ocean Blvd. The show will take place from Aug. 22-24.
The association’s previous trade show there featured professional cleaners from six countries and 30 states. Overall, over 1,200 registered to attend the event.
In addition to having a packed exhibit hall full of working equipment and peripheral products on display for drycleaners, CCA enlisted a variety of guest speakers for its educational programs, including DLI CEO Mary Scalco, NCA Executive Director Nora Nealis, MW Cleaners President Mike Nesbitt, CLA CEO Brian Wallace and Trudy Adams of Cleaners Supply.
For more information on the 2014 show or to check for updates, call the CCA office at (916) 239-4070 or visit Fabricare’s official website located at