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Micro-mini spectralight for stain analysis
PORT ST. LUCIE, FL —  The laboratory of the Independent Garment Analysis Service has
developed a new Micro-Mini Spectralight for drycleaners. The U.S. Patent office has granted a
patent and copyright to Dan Eisen for the use of UV light to ascertain staining, damages, fabric
and trimming problems.
The new spectralight is the smallest
and most efficient to emit UV light. Its
design shines a powerful beam of UV
light on a fabric from a distance of
about six inches from the fabric. The
UV light beam is clearly visible under
store lighting and provides proper
examination with a light beam
measuring four inches in diameter.
This makes scanning of a fabric easier
and faster.
Unlike some black light devices that
emit UV light in all directions, the light
beam on the Micro-Mini Spectralight is
365 nanometers making it more
efficient than other devices which only
measure 350 nano meters.
The LED Micro-Mini Spectralight has
undergone extensive testing at the
Independent Garment Analysis Service
on staining, characteristics of the
staining, fabric problems and its
reaction to black light. The devices are
also currently used for examining
garments at the garment analysis
The Micro-Mini Spectralight comes
with an attached chart that defines the
result of observations from using black light as well as identifying characteristics under visible
Further identification and characteristics of staining and fabrics is accomplished by observing
the black light on the back of the fabric. Examination of fabrics and stains using black light is
used by professionals who have knowledge to ascertain what they have observed.
For example, stains may glow using black light, but location, feel, absorption and shape
identifies the results to the professional. A drycleaner can check a laundered shirt with weak
areas and the black light will identify bleach contact that the drycleaner ascertains as
The new Micro-Mini Spectralight comes with the following:
• Batteries inserted for long-time use.
• Instructional charts attached to the Micro-Mini Spectralight for convenient use.
• A separate instructional sheet and manual that outlines staining and fabric problems that the
drycleaner encounters. The instructional manual not only lists the stains under black light but
also clearly defines the staining under visible light. The manual also lists corrective procedures
that might be taken.
The following are some of the areas of examination that makes it an efficient tool.
The black light can be used to scan for invisible stains; determine if a stain is oxidized; identify
tannin, protein and oil stains; detect fusible stains; determine solvent-soluble plastic beading;
identify fluorescent dye; identify chemical damage; determine whether a garment was washed or
pre-spotted; and identify weak areas.
To learn more, email cleandan@comcast.net
Free video explains how to clean UGG boots
SHAWNEE, OK — Due to the popularity of UGG Boot Cleaning and many phone calls for video
training, Royaltone is offering free online training for UGG boot cleaning.  
In the past the company has offered the training only to cleaners who have purchased its UGG
Boot Cleaning kit or Trial Sized UGG Cleaning Kit. Now the training is available to all on the
Royaltone website; no purchase is necessary.
Carl Randall, owner of Royaltone, said, “We have just been overwhelmed with calls from
cleaners who are very skeptical that UGGs or any suede item can be washed in water. So we felt
that allowing cleaners to see the entire process before the purchase will prove how very simple
and successful it can be.”
The step-by-step video was recorded in the Randall’s laundry room with an ordinary home
washing machine using the mix of Royaltone products that protect the suede from damage and
To learn more, visit www.royaltone.com
National survey of coin-op laundry industry
OAKBROOK TERRACE, IL – The Coin Laundry Association can help answer crucial questions on
the minds of every store owner and potential investor with the recent release of its 2013
Industry Survey.
This annual publication contains both national and regional averages, essentially creating a
profile of self-service laundries in the United States. Industry professionals can use this
information to piece together the “typical” laundry owner’s challenges, services and
opportunities. Everything from the percentage of card-operated stores to expansion plans is
covered within this survey.
“The results contained in this survey are critical for self-service laundry owners and
distributors,” explained CLA President and CEO Brian Wallace. “This tool establishes a solid
benchmark for comparing everything from monthly revenue per square foot to average rent on
both a national and regional level.”
The CLA commissions Readex, Inc., a nationally recognized independent research company, to
conduct this annual industry-wide survey of self-service laundry owners.
The findings were taken from respondents who indicated they own at least one self-service
laundry facility; the results represent a population of more than 9,000 stores.
Some of the key statistics included in the 17th annual CLA Industry Survey are: the nature of
the respondents’ jobs; the type and size of the store, including ancillary services offered and
number of machines; the number of self-service laundries owned, planned to be built, and
planned to be purchased by the respondents’ organizations; the biggest problems the
respondents face in the industry; store operations, including hours open, number of employees
and employee wages; store financial information, including current vend prices, expectations for
price increases, rent per month, gross revenues and net profit.
“Understanding this data will enable laundry owners and distributors to make smart decisions
regarding their businesses and their customers,” Wallace noted.
CLA members have free access to the results and data interpretation from the survey by
visiting coinlaundry.org, non-members can purchase it for $99.
To learn more, visit www.coinlaundry.org
Two versions of washer controls available
RIPON, WI— IPSO provides laundry owners and operators the opportunity to choose from two
different versions of its North American advanced control system, Cygnus.
Each system boasts key traits including ease of use, flexibility, efficiency, serviceability and the
ability to analyze wash data for increased productivity.
Both the Select and Ultra systems drive down energy expenses and maximize productivity.
Each has the new, patented  SmartWAVe water absorption verification technology.
Not previously available in North America, SmartWAVe automatically senses the load’s water
absorption level and adjusts water and detergent use accordingly at each stage of the wash cycle
to reduce water, chemical and utility use without compromising wash quality.
The Cygnus Select system offers infrared connectivity, which allows operators to easily
program cycles with a laptop. The system features easily understandable universal symbols and
overlay text in English and Spanish to maximize the usability of the equipment.
To learn more, visit www.ipso.com.