National Clothesline
It’s a no-brainer:
Give it to the cleaners
It seems many people would give their right arms, or at least a significant number of brain
cells, to have their laundry chores taken care of magically. These people apparently have never
heard of the drycleaner.
Brant Hansen, host of an afternoon program on Air1 Radio, was surprised at the responses he
got when he posed the following question to his audience: “An alien offers you a magic washing
machine that automatically washes, dries, folds and puts away all your laundry for the rest of
your life. But you need to give up 10 points of your IQ. Do you take the deal?”
Hansen learned that people are eager to not deal with their own dirty clothes. Callers to the
show were quick to jump on the deal and many more wanted in on it when he put the question
to followers on his Facebook page.
‘‘Now this is one I’m willing to get stupid for,” said Justin E. Miller.
“Yes. No need to think twice,” said Jennifer Dittenber.
“Yes! I’m already super smart, so losing 10 points won’t hurt!” Cathryn Greene proclaimed.
“I’m super smart and super lazy… I can do without 10,” said Linda Metcalf.
Jennifer Williams Durham was willing to up the ante. “I’d probably give 20 for folding alone.”
Others took a more enterprising approach.
“Heck creaking yes,” said Sarah Ann Scardino. “And then I will sell the design and make
millions and not need those 10 points,”
Christopher Graham would use it to join the ranks of drycleaners. “I’d start a business doing
people’s laundry and get rich. Then I don’t need to be a smarty pants.”
Somebody needs to let these folks know that there is no need to deal with space aliens
offering magic machines. Just call the local drycleaner who will pick up, clean, press and deliver
those clothes and let you keep your IQ intact. That’s the smart thing to do.