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What everybody wants to know
What is the number one question your five-year old would ask you when they were growing
up? “Why?” Why do I have to eat my veggies? Why can’t I stay up? Why can’t I have ice cream?
Why can’t I have an iPad?
Seriously, our children grow up
asking why questions from the get-go.
This foundational element carries on
to your adulthood as we still ask
“why” questions; just not out loud.
When comparing that to sales, this
is what validates what the 21st
century consumer is all about: they
don’t buy what you are selling, they
buy what they feel they need. Listing
all the wonderful services you provide
is not going to wow anybody.
The “why” question is embedded in the reactionary part of the brain that responds to sales
pitches and marketing material.
Secretly, the consumer is asking you “Why should I use you?” It is your job to make sure that
you are subliminally answering the question before it is asked. This is a challenge for most
owners when deciding on marketing pieces, website info, etc. They want to include everything
for all people. They problem is that you might dump too much info on the consumer and bore
them with info they are not asking about.
This “why” analogy also will assist you in coaching your staff. Instead of always telling them
what to do, inform them on why it is important — why their position matters, why the results
matter, why you need accountability or why you need to increase your effort are sample
methods to put in to play. Too often the manager or owner just directs and then gets frustrated
with the lack of the results.
You could use this in your interview processes as well. Asking “why” questions to the potential
employee will draw out information you desire in determining if they are friendly, customer-
service minded, etc. You also may expose their needs, desires and other vital info needed to
make a qualified decision.
The bottom line is that we want to talk about ourselves in all these aspects. How is that
working for you?
“Why? Why? Why?” has been a part of our thinking since kindergarten and it is all we know.
Take a look at the way you communicate and tweak your delivery to who or whatever you are
targeting; you will be surprised at the results you will achieve.
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