National Clothesline
In what has become an annual event, members of the National Cleaners Association and the
Drycleaning and Laundry Institute gathered for a four-day conference in January for
brainstorming and socializing.
This year’s Brainstorming and Five Stars conference returned to Cancun, Mexico, this time with
the Now Jade Resort as the venue. Until three years ago, the two associations held separate
winter conferences — NCA’s Brainstorming and DLI’s Five Stars, but the first joint gathering, held
in Puerto Rico in 2012, set the stage for continuing camaraderie between members of the two
trade associations.
As in past conferences, more than 100 cleaners took advantage of an opportunity for a winter
break to enjoy a weekend of warm air and sunshine where they could learn from each other as
well as experts brought in to speak on key topics.
The event got underway with a cocktail reception at the resort on Thursday evening. Friday
morning brought the first of several business sessions. Patrick Renvoise, co-author of “Selling to
the Old Brain for Instant Success” and “Neuromarketing,” led off with a discussion of ”Your
Customer’s Buying Brain.”
Renvoise told how to identify and “push the buy button” in a customer’s brain, unveiling a
combination of the latest brain research and new marketing practices and explaining how to build
memorable advertising and marketing messages.
Knowing how the decision-making part of the brain works helps deliver more convincing sales
presentations, close more deals, create more effective marketing strategies and improves your
ability to influence others, he said.
The Saturday morning program featured Rory Vaden, the co-founder of Southwest Consulting.
Calling himself  “a self-discipline strategist,” he says we live in an "escalator world" filled with
shortcuts, quick fixes, and distractions that make it easy to procrastinate. Take the stairs, not
the escalator, he advised.
“What seems like an easier path is really much harder in the end and, most important, it won't
take you where you want to go,” he said.
Successful people stay focused and achieve results, he believes, overcoming the temptations
of quick fixes and procrastination.
On Sunday morning, there was no speaker — or looked at another way, over 100 speakers.
Conference attendees gathered for roundtable discussions sharing ideas on business strategies,
employees and customers.

Finding the can-do spirit in Cancun