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National Clothesline November 2009 Table of Contents
Around the U.S.
Dermody Cleaners marks 21st year of Coats for Kids
NCA class on how to avoid claims
CLA lists slate of speakers for “excellence” conference
Wetcleaning demo coming to Charlotte
TCATA plans conference in Naples, FL
SDA/CLA members get in free to Cleaners Showcase
CCA announces new speakers for Fabricare 2014
John M. Taylor
Jimmy Kartsonis: Plenty on his plate
• Your chance to be in the spotlight
• No help from Yelp
Bruce Grossman: Picking more low hanging fruit
James Peuster: Things are changing. Are you?
Frank Kollman: What’s in your employee handbook?
Don Desrosiers: Hidden wrinkles in wrinkle-free
Dan Eisen: Stains oxidized in cleaning, spotting
Harvey Gershenson: Making plans for retirement?
Neil Schroeder: Just getting by is not good enough
DLI produces more advanced drycleaners
CRDN ranked among top franchises
TCATA announces committee appointments
Laundrylux appoints Sabino, Herman