National Clothesline
National Clothesline
Things are changing. Are you?
Last year, bizzie made a grand announcement of the launching of their new franchise across
the country and many took notice.
The concept is different to many,
but it still encompasses the need for
convenience with the ever-changing
technology that 21st century
consumers are looking for. Many
scoffed at Wayne Wyuduka’s
announcement, but the concept is
intriguing and customers do love
some of unique services bizzie
This year, I want to bring to light
two concepts that you must be aware
of, no matter which market you live in.
The first one is Washio and they are based out of California. The concept combines the old-
fashioned, brick-and-mortar franchises with some leading edge technology of how to
communicate with customers.
Many of you do bits and pieces of how they communicate with prospects and customers, but
this is the complete package that utilizes cool phrases like “route ninjas” as well as instant
responses and on-going communication with the consumer. I am not saying that it will excel in
every market, but you must know what you are up against in the next one to five years in how
mobile devices are changing the way business is getting done.
Another one had been in the shadows, but now Tide is providing route services as well. When
Proctor & Gamble entered the market as a whole, many took notice that a new “enemy” was
entering the market.
Now that they provide home and office free pick-up and delivery, the importance of staying
on top of your own game has risen even more. It’s not like they can do it better than you or I,
but they will make marketing blitzes across the country. Some of your markets will be affected
by this as well.
I am not saying that you either quit or join them. Most of you are smarter than that and have
a well-recognized name and reputation in your market. The fact of the matter is that you have
cleared enough hurdles the past five years.
But now is when I start to put more pressure on you to do something now to ensure your
existence this year and beyond. Times are changing and many of you have not caught up with
the various needs and demands of customers and it shows.
Many drycleaners have retreated in their business and cut costs so much that now they
cannot return to what it was. Others still believe that doing nothing is OK because they feel that
it will get better in the long run.
Hoping for eventual growth without investing time, effort or money in it runs a bigger risk
than if you take control and increase revenue by increased market share.
The bottom line is that 2014 will see an increased effort in more drycleaners entering the
route market. With more and more pick-up and delivery vehicles out there circling many
drycleaners, the doomsday clock that many stated would strike in 2015 for cleaners without
routes continues to tick-tock in your store.
By now, I can’t imagine being able to get started in routes when a majority of your
competition is already doing it. It may not be too late for you; the time is now to realize that
you will just have to be creative and aggressive.
One final concern that The Route Pros have experienced was that many cleaners that once
were the major players in their communities now struggle to regain any momentum they once
had. Some are still where they were five or ten years ago. It’s amazing to witness this plateau
affect all over the country.
The discouraging thing is that many still feel that they will be OK. Again, hope is a powerful
thing except when you do nothing about it. This may be an eye-opening year for many cleaners.
It’s too bad many could have done something about it.

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