National Clothesline
An all-new dues structure begins this month for Drycleaning and Laundry Institute
membership, one that will be based on the services a member wants to receive rather than the
number of employees and number of plants in a each member’s drycleaning operation.
Under the new structure, dues will range from $45 a month for the “Budget” category and up
to $254 a month for the “Premier” category. Two intermediate categories — “Silver” at $79 a
month and “Gold” at $145 a month — are also offered. Each level provides a different mix of
services that are either free or available at an additional cost.
For example, members at the Budget level would pay $36 for each garment analysis. Silver
members would get two analyses free each year, Gold would get four and Premier 10. Similarly,
a subscription to DLI’s online encyclopedia would cost $89 a year at the Budget level while it is
free at all other levels. The same is true for DLI’s web site service; the top three levels can get a
free web site for their business while those at the basic level would pay $89.
Differences in costs and service level will come into play at other categories, too. Tuition for
DLI resident courses will be based on the membership category. At the Premier level, one or two
courses will be available free, depending on the course, with a sliding scale of tuition at the other
levels. So, for example, the two-day wetcleaning course that costs $349 at the Budget level
would cost $249 at the Silver level and $149 at the Gold level. Premier level members could send
two students to the course at no charge.
Some DLI services will be available at no charge to all members regardless of category. These
include DLI’s
Fabricare magazine, the Hot Press e-mail series, telephone and e-mail hotlines,
marketing and consumer brochures and an array of programs that include credit card processing,
utility audits, business insurance reviews, legal services, and discount prescription cards. All
members will have an equal voice in voting for DLI’s board of directors.
Members and prospective members who want to study the options can view a complete menu
of the services under each category on DLI’s web site,
www.dlionline. Current members won’t
have to make a decision until their current annual renewal date comes up, but those who want to
make the transition earlier can do so if they move to an equivalent or higher level.
Once under the new system, members will be billed monthly through a credit card on file with
automatic renewal annually unless the member specifies otherwise. Notices will be sent in
advance of the renewal date. Those who elect to make their annual dues payment in a single
lump sum will receive a $60 discount.
Members will also have the option of upgrading to a higher category at any time during the
membership year.
The new dues schedule applies only to drycleaners in the United States. The dues structure will
remain unchanged for now for cleaners outside the United States as well as allied trades firms
and consultants, educators, retailers and other non-drycleaning plant entities.
DLI rolling out new dues structure