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National Clothesline November 2009 Table of Contents
Jeff Schwarz: The Stain Wizard
Around the U.S.
PDCA gears up for Expo in Atlantic City
Next round of drycleaning courses at DLI begins in July
SEFA sets speaker schedule for SLDS show this month
WFI heads to convene in Mequon for its 2014 convention
Discounts still available for MILD confab
CCA’s plans plethora programs for Fabricare in Long Beach
• Let’s have conversation at the counter
• Will the numbers add up in your favor?
Bruce Grossman: Drying problems and their remedies
James Peuster: Reduce turnover, increase profit
Frank Kollman: Affirmative action for criminals
Don Desrosiers: Top annoying issues with shirts
Dan Eisen: A method for unidentified stains
Harvey Gershenson: My wife is spending too much!
Neil Schroeder: Becoming experienced driven
Two groups graduate from DLI school
Al Jordan, Fabritec
Arik “Ott” Kazanjian, Cleaners Services, 21st Century
Marvin Wheaton, American Chillers