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Videos bring new views of drycleaning
When people hear the word “drycleaning,” they usually don’t think about magical leprechauns,
work zombies, special agents and people suddenly breaking out into song. However, thanks to the
Drycleaning and Laundry Institute’s recent video contest, all of these things and much more were
featured in online clips that extolled the virtues of utilizing a professional garment care specialist.
In all 23 submissions were entered into the contest, but only the grand prize winner took home
$5,000: a video entitled “I Feel Great When I Get My Clothes Drycleaned” that depicted two men
rapping, dancing and raving about their drycleaner.
Some of the lyrics included: “If you got a sweater they can clean it nice. Use the DLI service,
don’t gotta think twice. They take the time and know what to do. Any kind of outfit — it’ll look
brand new.”
The message was seamlessly in touch with the general guidelines set forth by DLI District 2
Director Dave Beatty, who created the contest.
“This program improves the image of our member drycleaners because it shows us as a modern
service that is an important part of people’s lives and a necessary component to leading a happy
and successful life,” he noted.
“Our members benefit from the video contest because all entries will get thousands of views
which will help to convince current and future customers that it is both important and will make
them happy to use our services. It shows average people having a great time and being very
happy with their local cleaners.”
Happiness was certainly a common thread in the submissions. The second place winner, “The
Magical World of Drycleaning,” featured a light-hearted leprechaun decked out in a purple dress
shirt and a glittery green and gold suit as he joyfully lead a visitor on a behind-the-scenes tour of
that wondrous, exotic place: the production area of a cleaning plant.
In third place, “#FreshPress” cast the spotlight on a confident man, decked out in a sharp black
suit, who received awestruck “That’s a fresh press” compliments from those on the street he
passed by.
Humor was another prevailing theme found in most videos. One featured a special DLI agent
helping the victim of a tragic mayonnaise stain accident. Another showed an ecstatic, fashionable
woman whose co-workers were listless zombies. They all felt dead because their clothes looked
dead. In yet another offering, a young girl amusingly complained to the audience about her
parents’ lack of laundry skills.
“Several videos show younger people, who are an important part of the Internet and all the
other social media,” Beatty explained. “It shows people who make you feel very comfortable and
you could easily think of them as your friends and neighbors. It is nicely done so that the videos
are like good friends sharing the secret of their success because they want you to do well also. This
is so much more powerful than a business person saying, ‘Come to me for your drycleaning.’”
The contest was open to the general public. To qualify, each submission had to be capped at two
minutes running time and could not promote a specific business. They also had to be viewed at
least 100 times online.
By April 30, the submissions had been viewed 23,868 times already and that number continues
to increase daily.
After the deadline, DLI members had the opportunity to vote on their favorite videos before the
association’s board of directors selected the winner from the finalists.
The winning video was the brainchild of David Goehring, a professional videographer from
Atlanta, GA. He enlisted his friend Matt Austin to wear a suit and rap for the short piece. The duo
had previously worked together and have found a nice niche in making short videos.
“It quickly turned into a passion and eventually a career,” Goehring said. “Now I’m a full-time
filmmaker and I’m fortunate enough to do lots of corporate commercial and short narrative film
type work.”
He also produced the music in the video, realizing that it could likely help give him an
“I find that if you create your own music and try to make clever lyrics, you stand out from other
people by default,” he added. “So, I try to incorporate it when appropriate.”
Goehring may have had a lot of fun taking on the project, but he also learned a lot about the
drycleaning process.
“I certainly had to do a lot of research before making the video. What struck me is how the
process is so streamlined and really delivers fantastic results, and that there is actually some liquid
involved,” he said.
Based on the success of this year’s contest, DLI plans on running a similar contest in the future
to help raise awareness of the benefits of drycleaning. To view this year’s winning video and all the
other submissions, visit