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National Clothesline November 2009 Table of Contents
Bernie Barton: Star Service
Around the U.S.
KMK Cleaners honored as Small Business Champion
PDCA announces speakers for Expo in Atlantic City
Two courses begin at DLI this month
MfM to host biennial conference in September
Wisconsin seeks cleanup costs from retired drycleaner
Annual convention, skills workshops on MILD slate
SDA pleased with Cleaners Showcase results
Early registration deadline for CCA’s show approaches
• Is it interesting or “just an ad?”
• Yelp gets this one right
Deborah Rechnitz: How to start inventing a new wheel
Bruce Grossman: Hot weather cooling problems
James Peuster: What direct mail can and can’t do
Frank Kollman: Getting documentation “just right”
Don Desrosiers: What about those French cuffs?
Dan Eisen: Making use of hydrogen peroxide
Harvey Gershenson: Do you know this would-be buyer?
Neil Schroeder: Why mail is better than digital
John Graham: Slow down and think it through
Lapels collects 9,480 pounds of clothing
300 attend CRDN convention
Kilbert awarded TCATA scholarship
Martinizing sets sights on accelerated growth
Drycleaning machine wastewater treatment
Business consulting
Large dryer added to line