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National Clothesline November 2009 Table of Contents
Around the U.S.
Five courses remain on DLI’s schedule
PDCA plans pair of events for this Fall
Zengelers Cleaners gathers 6K dresses for Glass Slipper
Pair of golf outings to tee off in June
NCA offering several courses on cleaning and stain removal
NEFA gears up for July Brad Friel golf outing
Expansion continuing for Florida-based OXXO
SDA announces new term’s officers
A trio of business experts will headline TCATA conference
• A 40-year past of pointing to the future
• Keeping customers coming back
James Peuster: Be truly committed to route growth
Don Desrosiers: Always something new at Clean
Trudy Adams: What’s the best marketing program?
Bruce Grossman: About the condensate return tank
Frank Kollman: A checklist to avoid common errors
Dan Eisen: Spotting formulations for gowns
DLI’s latest graduating classes
New posts for two at Fabritec
Watson named CFO for Leonard Automatics
Foldable boxes for traveling brides’ wedding gowns
Return tank flow monitoring