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National Clothesline November 2009 Table of Contents
Around the U.S.
NCA returning to the Meadowlands for Texcare
MAC bootcamp for managers this month
Grant program opens for Pennsylvania businesses
WFI’s Midwest Drycleaning Expo coming this month
Sept. affiliates meeting set for GreenEarth HQ in KC
Clinton Library visit on SDA agenda for Little Rock
Booth sales open Oct. 2 for SDA’s 2018 show in Shreveport
CCA bootcamp emphasizes plant management
SoCal cleaners invited to “Experience Excellence”
Jeff Sitz: A City that’s slicker
• Empowering customer service reps
• Have you fired anyone lately?
James Peuster: The great paperless manifest debate
Don Desrosiers:Pressing developments at Clean ’17
Bruce Grossman: Troubleshooting boilers gone bad
Frank Kollman: Sorting out the good from the bad
Dan Eisen: The elements of green cleaning
Tailwind’s newest client
Zengelers continue long support for Rotary
Leonard appoints Curtis, Norman