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National Clothesline November 2009 Table of Contents
Around the U.S. 
NEFA offers a weekend with Peuster on route development
TURI grants available for MA cleaners
SEFA offering free admission to June show in Birmingham
MAC hosts leadership forum in Virginia
Clean clothes for KC students gets fundraising boost
WFI tees off for Fitzgerald golf benefit
CCA packs Fabricare 2018 with extra leadership programs
• Faster isn’t better, it’s necessary
• Appealing to the “green” consciousness
Bob Marks: In it for the long haul
James Peuster: A death blow to routes: Orphanism
Don Desrosiers: What about those pads and covers?
Bruce Grossman: Hey man, don’t blow a gasket!
Frank Kollman: Staying out of harassment trouble
Dan Eisen: Handling ultra-fashionable gowns
Buckeye Pads acquires FH Bonn
Sean Williams named CEO for Faultess Starch
CLEC completes purchase of Texas Laundry Service