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Milt & Edie’s Drycleaners & Tailoring Center celebrated three decades of serving Burbank and
Southern California with a rededication ribbon cutting ceremony this spring.
Originally named Milt & Michael’s when it opened in 1988, it was renamed Milt & Edie’s by
owner Milt Chortkoff in 2004 in honor of his wife, Edie. The 30th anniversary event was attended
by members of the Burbank Chamber of Commerce, government officials and customers.
“This was a milestone occasion offering us an opportunity to let our customers and community
know we are continuing our commitment to providing superior service and quality cleaning and
tailoring,” said Beth Shader, who runs the family business with her husband, Michael Shader, and
her mother.
Although Milt passed away last December, Beth said he was very involved in the early planning
stages of the anniversary event.
“Dad loved a reason to celebrate and this was a big deal, especially for a business with the
motto, ‘All customers leave happy… always!’”
Milt & Edie’s enlisted the Burbank Chamber of Commerce to help coordinate the “ribbon
cutting” portion of the event.
“Chris Hunter at the chamber contacted our state and local government officials and chamber
members and even managed to find a ribbon that matched our signature magenta color,” said
Michael Shader.
Citations and proclamations were presented by representatives of California Senator Anthony
Portantino, Assemblymember Laura Friedman, Los Angeles County Supervisor Katherine Barger,
and the City of Burbank.
Everyone in attendance enjoyed free refreshments from local restaurant favorite Porto’s and all
were encouraged to spin the Milt & Edie’s “Wheel of Rewards” to win up to $100 in free services.
Michael said the Wheel of Rewards comes out throughout the year and encourages everyone to
“join us on Facebook because that is where we give some advance notice of when the Wheel will
be spinning.”
“Thirty years of love and dedication have made Milt & Edie’s what it is today and seeing
everyone here supporting us was wonderful,” said Edie. “Milt would have loved it.”

A celebration of rededication