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ZIPS to use Quicksort on new plants
Garment Management Systems announced that ZIPS Dry Cleaners has agreed to include the
QuickSort Automated Assembly System in all its new plant designs and to recommend the
system to all existing franchisees.  
The screening process was well underway when Drew Ritger became the new CEO of ZIPS
Dry Cleaners late last year.
“Incorporating labor and space saving equipment that simplifies assembly is a no-brainer,”
Ritger said. “Providing the best model for our operators to be successful furthers our goal of
growing the ZIPS brand nationwide.”
Ritger, who has a background in franchising and growing profits, added that “space is a
premium and the QuickSort Automated Assembly System reduces the footprint of the assembly
area. Less square footage in our new plants results in less overhead which in turn helps our new
franchisees be more profitable.”
Brett McLeod, president of Garment Management Systems, was excited about becoming the
preferred vendor. “One price cleaners are successful because of their efficiencies and we are
thrilled they want to include our production piece of equipment to help them be more efficient
as well as save space,” McLeod said. “Our mission has always been to provide dependable,
accurate automation that is affordable.”
To date, around 15 assembly systems have been installed with another five systems
scheduled to be installed in the coming months.
Tailwind’s Canadian Manager of the Year
Sheldon Fishman, owner of Fishman’s Personal Garment Care in Calgary, Alberta, has been
named Canadian Manager of the Year for
Tailwind Systems.
Although Tailwind has been selecting a Manager of the year for nearly two decades, this is the
first time for bestowing a Canadian Manager of the Year award.
The awards go to a manager that Tailwind’s
Don Desrosiers feels most understands the
inner workings of running a drycleaning plant
— a manager who “gets it,” demonstrating that
running a drycleaning plant is dynamic.
“The one thing that is the same in every
plant that I’ve worked in, in any country in the
world, every state in the union, is that every
plant is unique in its own way,” said
Desrosiers. “There is something at every plant
that has a particular nuance that I’ve never
seen before.”
A manager or owner who has worked in a
plant for years must be ready, willing and able
to adapt what they do to accommodate a new
situation, a new volume level,  or a new
competitor, Desrosiers said.
“Every drycleaning plant has had to reinvent
itself over the past decade or so,” he said. “The
economy has changed and still is changing. In
most cases, the piece counts have dropped
measurably. So how does a plant adapt? How
does a manager react?”
“Usually, when a busy plant loses volume, all
of the employees remain and they should be
working fewer hours,” he added. “The problem
is that they often do not. The staff, consciously or subconsciously, pads the time clock and
raises labor cost significantly. The staff may even blame you and think to themselves ‘It’s a lot
slower here than it used to be, and I don’t know why, but I work 7-3.’  That mentality, if
allowed to take hold, is deadly.”
The economy in Calgary has taken a hit over the past few years and when the price of oil
falls, Calgary pays the price.
“Given the need for dynamic management, and seeing it in real time at Fishman’s Personal
Garment Care, the choice for the Canadian Manager of the Year is clearly Sheldon Fishman,”
Desrosiers said.
“I have been visiting Fishman’s for many years. During the time between my last two visits
there, many changes took place. Piece counts are down, but management proved up for the
Instead of waiting for business to return to “normal,” Sheldon went about the business of
transforming his generations-old company into the new normal, Desrosiers said.
Cantrell receives TCATA scholarship
Steven Cantrell of Lynn Haven, FL, was selected as the recipient of the 2018 Textile Care
Allied Trades Association
 college scholarship fund. He is the son of Glenn and Christie Cantrell,
who both work for Jensen USA of Panama City, FL. Mariah, his sister, was the TCATA
scholarship recipient in 2015.
Cantrell was chosen from an outstanding group of applicants. Ranked 11 out of 370
graduating seniors in high school, he maintained a GPA of 4.50 despite a schedule of
demanding courses. He was chosen to represent Beta Club at the Florida State Convention
where he competed in math and was part of the Quiz Bowl team. He was also an active member
of Mu Alpha Theta and the National Honor Society, received the principal’s leadership award,
and was named the Mosley Top Senior Science Student of the Year, among other honors.
He was also a member of the varsity baseball team for two years that achieved state runner-
up status. While on the team, he and his teammates put together a workshop for disabled
children to teach them the game of baseball.
Having already completed his freshman year at the University of Florida, where he made the
Dean’s List,  Cantrell will continue there this fall, where he is majoring in Aerospace
“I continue to be very impressed with the quality of the applicants that apply for the
scholarship,” stated Leslie Schaeffer, TCATA president. “The association is most pleased to
provide assistance for outstanding students like Steven, and we all wish him the very best
success in college and beyond.”

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