National Clothesline
National Clothesline
November 2015
National Clothesline
A better fire code. Revised and updated
standards for fire prevention in
drycleaning plants is scheduled to be
published this month by the National Fire
Protection Association.
Making their dream. Angel and Anne
Marie Ramos carved out their own
American dream as owners of two Zips
Dry Cleaners stores, but that’s only the
second half of the story. The first half
was more harrowing, involving civil wars,
Cuban jails and a twist of fate or two.
An earlier Clean. The 2017 Clean Show in
Las Vegas will take place three weeks
earlier than previously planned. The new
dates will be June 5-8, 2017 at the Las
Vegas Convention Center.
Avoidable errors. Frank Kollman
highlights seven common mistakes
employers make that can cost money and
land them in legal trouble.
One buck or two? Don Desrosiers
suggests that if you are doing over 1,450
shirts per week, you should opt for a
double-buck unit.
All stains gone. There are new stain
removal products that can effectively
remove all stains due to a unique
formulation. Dan Eisen explains.
California change-over. George Archibald  
is the new executive director of the
California Cleaners Association.
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From 9 to 90, a show for all ages
Whether looking for new equipment or better ways to use existing equipment, the Texcare
exhibition sponsored by the National Cleaners Association in Secaucus, NJ, last month was the
place to be.
NCA rounded up nearly 50 companies to bring their products and expertise to the
Meadowlands Exposition Center for the weekend and invited all cleaners in for a free look. For
those who had attended the Clean Show in Atlanta last spring, it was a chance for a second
look under less hurried and hectic circumstances.
In addition to all the equipment and supplies on display, NCA presented a series of seminars,
including a three-part Uber conference that kicked off on Friday before the show opened with
Dennis Snow of Snow & Associates. Snow, an author, trainer and former Disney executive,
discussed how to consistently create an unforgettable client experience by looking at
everything through the lens of the customer..  
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