National Clothesline
August 2019
National Clothesline
Clean Show reports
• Bobby Patel tells the story of how he revived
his California cleaners with an unending series of
• Don Desrosiers provides an overview of
finishing equipment on exhibit at the Clean
• James Peuster sees parallels between the
industry and New Orleans, the host city of this
year’s Clean show.
• John Riddle bids farewell after decades of
managing the Clean Show.
• GreenEarth Cleaning announced an initiative
to reduce the amount of microplastic fibers
discharged into wastewater treatment systems
as a result of laundering synthetic materials.
Highs and lows. It has been a 75-year
rollercoaster ride for LaFrance Cleaners in
Youngstown, but the company has adapted and
is still on track.
Checking check valves. Bruce Grossman tells
how to locate faulty check valves in your boilers
condensate return system.
Well groomed. Employers want employees to
look good but recent laws make personal
appearance a protected characteristic, Frank
Kollman warns.
Peaking performance. The Rocky Mountain
Fabricare Association is sponsoring a
management conference to help attendees
embrace the latest in business management
analytical tools to take better control of their
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Eager learners soak up seminars
When the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute hosted its first educational session on Thursday,
June 20 at the Clean Show in New Orleans, it was clear that attendees had come to pay
attention. Even early in the morning, the seats were filled with a lively crowd as motivational
speaker Bruce Hamilton presented “No Bad Days: Positive Attitude is Everything.”
“When was the last time you had a bad day that it did you any good?” he asked, acknowledging
that… yes, bad things happens all the time. However, letting it affect your attitude in a negative
way means you’ve already lost. “Here’s what I know about the Messenger of Misery,” Hamilton
added. “He’s either at your house right now, or he just left your house, or he’s on his way to
your house.”
Hamilton recalled a time when that same Messenger of Misery visited him in 2002 at a Holiday
Inn. He suffered a stroke and found himself paralyzed on the floor of his room for many hours.
He was eventually hospitalized and faced a tough road of rehabilitation ahead.
“I decided to focus on what I could do, not what I couldn’t do,” he said. While he still isn’t 100
percent — his vision is compromised considerably — his outlook has remained positive. “Attitude
makes a difference,” he emphasized. “If you’re not excited about getting new customers,
someone else will be. I  guarantee that.”
One big way to get new customers was covered by many speakers at the show — cultivating a
strong online presence. It’s where people are going to find a cleaners before they ever step foot
in an actual plant.
“People buy from people they know, and that they remember and trust,” emphasized Brian
Rashid during his program. (View his Clean ’19 presentation on YouTube here.) “You have to
think of yourself as a media company.”    
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