National Clothesline
National Clothesline
July 2016
National Clothesline
Watch what you say. A Suffolk County,
NY, legislator wants cleaners to stop
promoting themselves as “organic” and
to display signs that indicate the
“greenness” of their cleaning methods.
$54 million mistake. More than 10
years after he initiated legal
proceedings against a drycleaner over a
claim of lost pants, a Washington, DC,
attorney and former administrative law
judge faces disciplinary action by the
D.C. Court of Appeals for alleged
misconduct in the case.
As old as you look. How old is your
location, or more to the point, how old
does your location look? Does it really
matter and who cares? Deborah
Rechnitz says yes.
Beat the heat. With summer upon us
your drycleaning machine’s cooling
system will be under greater stress and
conditions that weren’t an issue during
cooler months may become problems.
Bruce Grossman has advice.
A walk-through. You need to know what
is going in your plant, so take a tour
and check the details. Don Desrosiers is
your tour guide.
Convening in Michigan. A look at the
equipment and trends is on tap for
MILD’s convention July 22-23 at the
Mission Point Resort.

A step back in time
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Stepping through the front door at Pert Cleaners in Chicago is