National Clothesline
National Clothesline
October 2014
National Clothesline
Doing the dirty work. A lot of dirty work goes
into the cleaning process. As owner of Varsity
Cleaners in Waterloo, Iowa, Rick Schmidt
doesn’t mind putting in the hard work himself.
This show’s a hit. The car show first held last
year by Broadway Cleaners in Redwood City,
CA, is turning into an annual thing and it looks
like a hit.
See the latest. A full range of drycleaning
equipment, supplies and services will be on
display at PDCA’s Expo 2014 in Atlantic City
October 18-19.
Big plant, small plant or…? Choose your next
growth strategy not based on what has worked
in the past, but what will work for you into the
future, advises Deborah Rechnitz.
Boiler basics. Bruce Grossman discusses a
device that is simple in concept yet may be
the most troublesome in your plant.
Labor peace. There is no magic formula to
avoid problems with local labor and
employment laws, says Frank Kollman. He
recommends hiring the best employees you
can, treat them as well as you can afford, and
fire your mistakes as quickly as possible.
Miracle machine. The introduction of computer
systems has been nothing short of a miracle
for the industry but many cleaners don’t know
it, says Harvey Gershenson.  
Patented process. The U.S. Patent Agency has
granted a patent to Kreussler  for SYSTEMK4.
Past and future. The California Cleaners
Association celebrated the past and ushered in
the future at Fabricare 2014.
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Looking for something to take home
More than 1,200 attendees steadily walked the aisles for the California Cleaners
Association’s Fabricare show in late August and many of them seemed determined to take
something home with them, be it new equipment or technology, a much-needed product or
service or simply invaluable information that could help make their business more
Perhaps the weekend’s biggest indication of positive signs for the future were the crowded
seminar sessions and training demonstrations that took place on the show floor suggesting
that many cleaners are actively seeking to improve their operations by utilizing every
resource at their disposal. A multitude of companies offered free helpful tips and answered
questions pertaining to everything from spotting to pressing to dealing with environmental
issues. Oftentimes, such sessions drew in huddled onlookers spilling out far beyond the
designated presentation area even after additional chairs had been brought in to try and
keep up with the demand.
While such numbers hinted that the present status of the industry looks good, the future
may prove to be even better, according to Fabricare 2014 keynote speaker David Dawson,
who was part of a diverse educational lineup featured in the convention center’s main
seminar rooms. His program on “Your Future in the Drycleaning Industry” implored
drycleaners to run their plants in the same manner sports legend Wayne Gretzky tried to
play hockey: by skating to where the puck is going to be, not where it already is.
“The market potential is huge. Just about everybody you meet today is going to be wearing
clothes — clothes that need to be cleaned,” Dawson noted. “One of the things that you need
to do is embrace technology and you need to be in a hurry about it. There are a lot of ways
you can use technology in your business, not just to lower costs, but also to grow revenue.”