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National Clothesline
September 2016
National Clothesline
The cycles of cleaning. Drycleaners know
about cleaning cycles, but those whose
families have been in it for over a century
know about a different kind of cleaning
cycle: the ups and downs of the business. .
Proper treatment. Bruce Grossman covers
and often misunderstood subject —
treating water for use in boiler operations.
The ABCs of XYZ. Every generation differs
from the previous one and drycleaners
must embrace each as a welcoming change
or challenge, says James Peuster.
No trouble. Frank Kollman offers a checklist
of things employers should do to stay out
of trouble.
Starch secrets. Many handle starch as
almost a company secret, says Don
Desrosiers. Give the customers what they
want, but be sure that you are giving the
them what you think you are giving them,
he says.
Keep it bright. Dan Eisen discusse ways to
prevent breakdown of fluorescent dyes that
are used to increase the whiteness or
brightness of the fabric.
An island gathering. MILD drew 122 people
to its 2016 summer convention on
Mackinac Island in July.
A show on the shore. PDCA’s Expo 2016
will take place September 24 and 25 at the
Atlantic City Convention Center in Atlantic
City, NJ.

Restoring fire-torn lives piece by piece
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It was the largest wildfire evacuation in Albertan history. When the Horse River Fire swept through
the town of Fort McMurray in May, about 80,000 residents left the city right before flames
destroyed approximately 2,400 homes and buildings. Many Canadians couldn’t return for a month;
others will still have to wait many more before they can open their homes. Those who did come
back, though, had damages to repair, and one business —
EnviroClean Drycleaners — wanted to
do its part to help people recover something as simple and necessary as their smoke-damaged