National Clothesline
National Clothesline
September 2014
National Clothesline
A humble beginning. With exceptional
needle-and-thread skills, a young man
patched together a humble business in
Kansas City 100 years ago. It’s still going
strong today.
The big stage. “One industry. One stage.”
is the theme for Clean 2015 and judging
by early booth sales that stage will be a
big one.
To steam and back. In drycleaning, the
most interesting and important qualities of
water take place during the change from
liquid to gas and back again to water.
Watch your words. The number of words
that can get an employer in trouble seems
to be increasing. Frank Kollman tells how
employers can work through the minefield
of words.
Blowing it on sleeves. The blown sleeve
presented a golden opportunity to
significantly improve shirt quality of your
shirt, but Don Desrosiers says it has also
led to some new types of pressing
Secret shopper secrets. If you retain a
secret shopper service, you must have a
plan in mind, says Harvey Gershenson.
Create the plan and put it in writing to
give a consistent performance.
Why marketing? Why not just more
accounting, financial management or
something else? Because, says Neil
Schroeder, marketing is essential to
attracting customers and making sales.  
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A real treat for Halloween
At Pilgrim Cleaners in the Twin Cities, collecting 360,000 Coats for Kids was just a beginning. The concept
was expanded to Costumes for Kids in 2010 by owner Bonnie Engler, shown with a room full of Halloween
costumes collected in the drive. “Many families cannot afford a Halloween costume for their child and kids
want to dress up for Halloween,” Engler said, adding, “This has been really fun.” Community response has
been strong, not only in donating used costumes but in some cases adding brand new ones to the
collection. The company also collects and cleans used Boy Scout uniforms. Last year the company’s many
years of service were recognized by the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce with a Quality of Life Award for
its efforts to help children in the community. “People are just very generous, she said. “It’s a wonderful
community effort. It gives us a good feeling. It gives our employees a good feeling to be involved in all of
these programs.”