National Clothesline
February 2018
National Clothesline
So long, Milt. In his more than 70
years in the drycleaning business,
Milt Chortkoff was dedicated to the
proposition that going to the
cleaners should be fun. He died in
December but his contributions to
the industry and the happiness he
brought others will live on.
Buying in. The biggest reason that
your staff doesn’t perform is that
they haven’t bought in to the
nature of our business, says James
Peuster. Here’s how to change that.
Seeking opportunities. Problems
with quality issues are really
opportunities to exercise your
management skills and to improve
your business, Don Desrosiers
Clean air. During air compression,
contaminants can be introduced.
Bruce Grossman tells how to
prevent these contaminants from
reaching the machinery.
Harassed by harassment? Evolving
standards on workplace
harassment issues require updating
policies and training, according to
Frank Kollman.
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A brainstorm hits Cancun
A respite from winter’s icy grip was just one of the benefits for industry members who attended last month’s
Brainstorming and Five Stars conference at the Secrets Capri Riviera in Cancun.
Attendees had plenty of time to enjoy the amenities of the resort but the centerpiece of the event, jointly
sponsored by the National Cleaners Association and the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute, was the speaker
program in the mornings.
On Friday morning, Deena Ebbert of Chart House Learning in Burnsville, MN, expounded on her Fish
Philosophy, a method of employee development, engagement, skill, performance, and commitment.
Joseph Grenny, co-funder of VitalSmarts in Provo, UT, was the Saturday speaker, talking about how to talk
to your employees when things go wrong. He has honed the tools needed to lead a company through change
and with crucial conversations and confrontations that position a company for consistent success.
To wrap things up on Sunday, Brian Rashid discussed branding, brand strategy, and how to monetize your
message by telling effective stories. He is the CEO and creator of A Life in Shorts, a branding, digital media,
and communications company whose clients range from the biggest brands in the world to new solo
entrepreneurs just getting started.