National Clothesline
National Clothesline
October 2016
National Clothesline
Diamonds to drycleaning. Before he
became a drycleaning plant owner, Billy
Hallstrom lived his dream of being a
professional baseball player.
Write The Book. Be sure those you leave
behind are not left in the dark. Deborah
Rechnitz offers guidance.
The “no problem” problem. Telling
customers “no problem” can actually be a
problem. Trudy Adams explains.
By the rulebook. Employers are not
required by law to have workplace rules or
employee handbooks, but everyone
expects to see them and Frank Kollman has
a list of things they should include.
Four things to avoid. If you do any of these
things on Don Desrosiers’ list after a shirt is
pressed, you can easily wreck another
otherwise fine job.
Brainstorming with the stars. The one-time
director of communications for Harley-
Davidson motorcycles will be the keynote
speaker at January’s Brainstorming and
Five Star Conference in the Dominican
New DLI president. David Beatty, owner of
Murrysville Cleaners in Murrysville, PA, is
the new president of the Drycleaning and
Laundry Institute.

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Looking and learning in Long Beach
REMA bannerA_1-16.jpg
The Long Beach Convention Center contained a steady stream of attendees during the final
weekend in August as the California Cleaners Association hosted its Fabricare 2016 show. Over a
thousand registered visitors showed up to enjoy live equipment demonstrations and speak directly
to over 60 exhibitors who presented the industry’s best technology, its latest services and some
excellent advice to help plant owners bolster their business’s bottom lines.
Throughout Saturday and Sunday, CCA enlisted various expert specialists from the industry’s
leading chemical companies to offer demonstrations on the show floor to help cleaners advance
their knowledge on the full spectrum of stains, be them animal, vegetable or mineral. Onlookers
filled up the designated seats and even spilled out beyond, captivated as the wizards of the
spotting board practiced their magic.
The exhibit floor wasn’t the only place for visitors to brush up on their skills and knowledge; CCA
presented a diverse and informative educational program that included two sessions by Trudy
Adams, former vice president of sales at Cleaner’s Supply and current principle of Blue Egg