National Clothesline
National Clothesline
February 2016
National Clothesline
App for analysis. DLI has introduced an
app that that makes for faster and
cheaper garment analysis.
Basic mistakes. No matter the country,
state or city, the same correctible
mistakes are made in shirt departments,
says Don Desrosiers.
Data drop off. A survey finds that
thousands of flash drives containing who
knows what types of data are being
dropped off at cleaners along with clothes.
Drumming up business. Larue Riccio’s
career has taken him from drumming to
drycleaning where he handles elaborate
costumes and garments at Encore
Costume & Specialty Cleaners of Atlanta.
Defeating demand. James Peuster
believes that offering drycleaning on
demand is a good way to reduce the
demand for drycleaning.
Severed for good. Before agreeing to
severance pay, Frank Kollman suggests
getting the employee to sign a release
waiving any future claims by the former
Complain or change? People complain that
business is shrinking because conditions
in the marketplace have changed, but the
real problem is failure to take action, says
Harvey Gershenson.
Conferring in Cancun
Cleaners and allied trades representatives from around the U.S. were joined by a smaller number
from Canada and the Bahamas for the Brainstorming and Five Stars conference jointly organized by
the National Cleaners Association and the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute.
The Jan. 14-17 conference, like the four previous ones put together by the two trade associations,
had two main drawing points: a chance to hear expert speakers on key topics and to escape the
colder northern climes and enjoy a beachside resort, this time at the Secrets Resort Akumal near
Cancun, Mexico. Many of the attendees were veterans of past conferences, so this was also an
opportunity to renew old friendships while also making new ones.
The social aspect of the winter conference got underway with a cocktail reception on Thursday
evening. The business portion of the program opened on Friday morning, the first of three morning
sessions where speakers imparted their specialized knowledge. That left afternoons and evenings
open to enjoy the offerings of the just-opened resort…    
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