National Clothesline
National Clothesline
July 2015
National Clothesline
The ABC’s. America’s Best Cleaners Affiliates
from across the United States and Canada
met for three days of networking and
presentations around industry and general
business best practices.
Entrepreneurial spirit. Long before becoming
president of DLI and owner of Peerless
Cleaners in Corpus Christi, Allan P. Johnson
III was successful in other areas.
Managing risk. Deborah Rechnitz asks if
there is there a way to manage risks ahead
of time by anticipating them or if you just
fight the good fight as things arise.  
Accommodations. In light or a recent
Supreme Court ruling, employers need to
think harder about rejecting an applicant for
unusual dress. Ignorance is no longer a
defense, Frank Kollman says.
More from Clean. Don Desrosiers continues
his review of pressing equipment from the
Clean Show.
Wetcleaning silks. Dan Eisen explains how to
maintain the unique feel, luster, body, hand
and sheen of silks in wetcleaning.
How much can afford? Before buying a
drycleaning business, Harvey Gershenson
urges you to determine how much you can
afford and how much you can afford to lose.
The little stuff. So many companies
overwhelmed with customer complaints,
much of it is little, picky stuff. Spotting the
little stuff that upsets customer is the first
step in stemming the tide, John Graham
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Seeking sustainability for drycleaning
Cleaners convened in the Mile-High City in June to explore alternative solvent technology and
hopefully avoid mile-high environmental cleanups in the future. The 2015 Drycleaning Alternatives
Industry Trade Fair, which initially took place two years ago in Denver, was sponsored by the Rocky
Mountain Fabricare Association along with the Colorado Department of Public Health and
Environment (CPDHE).
Exhibit booths were on display in the convention corridor of the Denver Marriott Tech Center all day
on Sunday, June 14, featuring alternative solvent options, consultants, insurance and remediation
companies, lending institutions and other vendors with eco-friendly accessories and offerings for
drycleaners looking to become more sustainable for the future. Sustainability was also a big topic
down the hall where expert speakers offered helpful advice to attendees.
Some of the sleek new machine features on the market discussed included solvent heating, jet
sprays, mist sprays and soft mount baskets. While such options are certainly an important part of
the purchase decision, cleaners should also consider service and support by the distributor.  
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